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Gadgets & Tech

Nothing is as convenient as direct printing in any home or office setup. The days when wires would run from

Most laptop displays are 13 to 15 inches in size, both options offering decent performance and screen real estate for

There's a running belief that finding a good laptop under $800 for graphics-intensive programs and games is almost impossible: This

Is your PC running hotter than its ideal temperature? For intense gaming, you should be looking for the best case

Keeping up with class and trends is what we want to achieve when we dress up for an occasion. A

If you're looking to track where a car is being driven or where someone is but don't want to be


This is an issue caused by certain settings on your Fortnite account. It’s not an issue caused by Fortnite servers,

If the Fortnite 2FA code isn’t working, then you must have done something wrong. We will talk about the causes

If you’re trying to log into your Minecraft account and you receive a “Login failed. Invalid username or password” error,

In-Game Tips

Looking for how to op yourself in Minecraft?  Ding! Ding! You’ve arrived at the best article suited for you. Here,

Shaders are programs that run in the graphics pipeline that pass information to the computer about how each pixel should

Minecraft Realms is a multiple-player game server run by Minecraft, that allows group play with friends, whereby players can create

Sports & Fitness

Skateboarding is a great social sport that allows you to venture into a new area you've never tried before. For

Fitness trackers are great because they come packed with features that can help you monitor and keep tabs on your

Are you a runner, swimmer, athlete, cyclists, or dancer? You need the best muscle roller stick for your legs, calves,

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