A step by step guide on how to make honey in Minecraft by using bees.

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Bees are a neutral mob that lives in bee nests and beehives. They are the only flying neutral mob in the game. Bees have three main functions in Minecraft: they can be used to make honey, they can pollinate crops, and they can attack players and animals that anger them.

What are bees in Minecraft?

Bees in Minecraft are mobs that can be found in the plains biome. They are neutral and will not attack the player unless provoked. When a bee stings the player, it will drop honeycomb.

The life cycle of a Minecraft bee

Bees in Minecraft exist in three different life stages: larvae, workers, and queens. All three stages can be found inside of bee nests. When a bee hatches from an egg, it will be a larvae. Minecraft bees spend the first five days of their lives as larvae, during which time they will eat pollen to grow into adults. After five days, a bee will enter the worker stage and will start collecting pollen and nectar from flowers to bring back to the bee nest.

Once a bee has collected enough nectar, it will enter the queen stage. At this point, the bee will stop collecting nectar and will start producing honey inside the nest. One block of honeycomb takes around eight minutes to produce. Bees will only produce honey when the Weather is set to “clear” mode in the World options menu.

How to find bees in Minecraft

Bees are a mob that live in Bee Nests. They can be found in Plains,sunflower plains, and Birch Forest biomes. When idle, bees will fly around their nest, occasionally entering and exiting flowers. If a bee visits a flower twice, it collects pollen from the flower, which it stores in its belly. After collecting pollen from enough flowers, the bee tradees it with another bee for nectar.

How do bees make honey in Minecraft?

Bees in Minecraft can make honey by collecting nectar from flowers. When a bee collects nectar, it will store the nectar in its belly. Once the bee has enough nectar, it will fly back to its hive and start the process of making honey.

How to harvest honey from a beehive in Minecraft

In Minecraft, when you find a beehive it will have either a normal, honey-filled or empty marker on it. To harvest honey from a beehive, simply use an empty glass bottle on the beehive. Doing so will give you one bottle of honey.

How to use honey in Minecraft

In Minecraft, when a bee collects nectar from flowers, it will store this nectar in its “stomach.” When the bee returns to its beehive or bee nest, it will regurgitate this nectar, which is used by other bees in the colony to make honey.

To harvest honey from a beehive or bee nest, simply Right-click on the block while holding a glass bottle. This will give you one bottle of raw honey. You can also use shears to directly harvest honeycomb, which can then be placed in a crafting grid to make 4 bottles of raw honey.


In conclusion, we have learned that bees in Minecraft make honey by collecting nectar from flowers and then storing it in their chests. When a bee brings nectar back to the hive, they will deposit the nectar into a special honeycomb where it will be stored until it is needed.

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