Skateboarding is a great social sport that allows you to venture into a new area you've never tried before. For adults to easily learn how to skate, you need to practice, practice and practice, and to make it even easier, you need to use the Best Beginner Skateboard for Adults.

Once you learn to ride a skateboard, there is a chance you won't give up and would be looking to learn more. However, finding the right components and features for the first skateboard can be a challenging task for newcomers attempting to find the perfect one.

To help you find the best skateboard for you, we have rounded up reviews of the five best skateboards for beginners, their pros and cons, as well as the factors you need to consider before buying a skateboard for beginners.

5 Best Skateboards for Adult Beginners

1. ChromeWheels 31-inch Skateboard Double Kick Skate Board

ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard Double Kick Skate Board Cruiser Longboard 8 Layer Maple Deck Skateboards for Kids and Beginners
  • Suitable for All Level Skaters - 31 x 8 inch full size double kick concave design with vintage pattern provides better control and easy to brake; this Skateboard is ideal for Beginner and Pro doing some basic stunts and other tricks.
  • Durable & Stable - High density 8 layer maple wood skateboard with emery non-slip surface provides a stable and more powerful grip during skating; Max supporting weight 220 lbs(100KG), suitable for adults and kids.
  • Smooth - 50mm anti-shock PU wheels with ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushings deliver a smoothly ride, this Longboard is suitable for all surfaces or even rough ground.
  • Strength - Our Skate Board made of High Quality Thick Aluminium Trucks and steel axle, which supports higher weight and faster speed for more safe ride.
  • Complete - No assembly required, this Cruiser Skateboard is a ideal gift for boys and girls.

The ChromeWheels 31-inch Skateboard Double Kick Skate Board is the best beginner skateboard for adults in terms of durability and strength. It features a double kick concave design that helps you break smoothly, makes amazing stunts, and seamlessly controls your rides.

It is a great option for both beginners and professional skaters as long as one is below 220 pounds. The PU bushings, super-soft PU wheels, and high precision bearings ensure smooth skateboarding. Its 8-ply maple wood deck has an emery non-slip surface that provides a large and stable grip.

This board also has a sturdy thick aluminum truck, and steel axle is able to endure high speeds and support high weights. The heat transfer print pattern is waterproof and durable. You won't have to go through the hassle of assembling the skateboard since it comes well assembled.

  •   Pros
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Smooth and wide skateboard wheels
  • High-speed precision bearing
  • Attractive
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Double kick tail for different riding styles
  • Completely assembled.
  •   Cons
  • To achieve the proper rotation, the wheels may need readjustment.

2. Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5

Krown KRRC-49 Bengal Rookie Complete Skateboard, 7.5 x 31
  • HIGH QUALITY: Krown Rookie Animal skateboards are strong, durable, and reliable boards. Krown Skateboards are very similar to the boards that Pro skateboarders are riding, but at a fraction of the price. This board is assembled with a 7-Ply Maple deck, heavy-duty aluminum trucks, urethane wheels, and precision bearings. This board rides great with a good mix of flex and stiffness.
  • SMOOTH RIDE: This skateboard comes with heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks. The geometry of these trucks allows the user to adjust how much or how little the skateboard turns. High quality 52mm 99A high-rebound urethane wheels with precision speed ABEC 7 bearings make this board perfect for commuting, street skating, skate parks, bowls and ramps. Great for smooth and rough surfaces.
  • GRIPTAPE: Our griptape has an 80-grit level, which will provide you with great traction for your board. The enhanced grit helps provide support and gives your shoes a firm grip on the board at all times. This grip is the same quality that Pro skateboarders use!
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Our skateboards come fully assembled and ready to ride straight out of the box! Assembly is not required, although tuning your board to personal specifications is encouraged. That means tightening or loosening the trucks to adjust how much the board will turn. Do not forget to customize your board by drawing on the griptape with paint markers or adding stickers to the bottom of the board.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL LEVEL OF SKATERS – Our skateboards are suited for any level of skater, whether you are a beginner or an expert. This board is specifically tailored for a first time rider or someone who has not been on a board in a while. With our boards, you get exceptional performance and quality at a competitive price. Do not settle for a lower price (lower quality) board.

The Krown Rookie is another perfect skateboard to start your skating adventure. It features a firm grip tape that is quite reliable, and the deck measures 7.5 inches, a perfect size for a beginner. It comes with its matching 52 mm high rebound PU wheels that give the board a complete look.

It includes 5-inch aluminum trucks that are strong and durable enough to last whether you're skating on rough terrains or smooth ones. This skateboard features a Canadian maple wood construction and an elegant design. It offers a balanced ride at a budget-friendly price.

The Krown Rookie complete skateboard also has ABEC-7 Bearings for improved control. It includes a wide range of colors and designs and also comes when it is fully assembled. The design makes it a great choice for both beginners and experienced skateboarders.

  •   Pros
  • Reliable grip tape
  • Fully assembled
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Offers better control and acceleration
  • Impressive performance
  • Bidirectional top mount deck
  •   Cons
  • It may be challenging to do advanced tricks with

3. Whome Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult

WHOME Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult Youth Kid and Beginner - 31" Double Kick Concave Street Skateboard 8 Layer Alpine Hard Rock Maple Deck ABEC-9 Bearings Includes T-Tool
  • 【Professional Brand】- WHOME is a traditional skateboards design and manufacture brand, all of our staff are loving skateboarding. We update the design and manufacture according to tons of skateboard buyers users and fans’ feedback and review every year.
  • 【Design For】- This skateboard is designed for both beginner and advanced, up 6-year and adults, you could learn skateboarding and practice ollie, kickflip, grind more basic skate tricks like our videos with it. We also designed more patterns that thermal transfer on the back of deck for teenage & youth girl & boy adults & kids.
  • 【Why Upgrade】 - We researched why about 50% beginners give up skateboard for the first 3 times. Most start skateboarding on the street tough surface, but their first skateboard’s wheels are small&hard fit to the skatepark&pool smooth skate terrain. It’s difficult to control easy to fall over, no fun so give it up. Acc to this reason, we upgraded to 53mm 88A little bigger&softer wheels obtain more balance that’s important to control&enjoy skate, you’d learn skating&tricks easily on ordinary road.
  • 【Parts Detail】- 31 x 8 inch full size standard skateboard, 18 inch wheelbase, Max load: 220lbs. 8 layer alpine hard rock maple double kick concave Deck with premium grip tape. 5 inch A356 aluminum alloy pro Truck with medium carbon steel shaft. WHOME high precision steel ABEC-9 Bearings. The upgraded PU Wheels are not cruising wheels, only standard skateboard’s. Anti rust Hardware.
  • 【Get & Give】 - WHOME All-in-one T-Tool, No assembly required, just for adjusting the screw with different terrains weights and ages. So you could give the skateboard to anyone for nice gift for cool present. Our fan-favorite 12-month warranty and friendly customer service with both you.

Whome is a popular manufacturer and brand of the skateboard, and their products have offered satisfaction to skaters because of their great build quality. The Whome Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult is one of the best skateboards they have. It comes with all sixes for adults as long as one is below 220 pounds.

The double kick concave design comes in handy in doing a variety of stunts like the kickflip, heelflip, ollie, pop shuvit, and slide. It features upgraded PU wheels that measure 53 by 36 mm to ensure you get maximum comfort and be able to run on terrains of different kinds because of their ability to ability to absorb shock.

The 8-ply alpine wood decks ensure stability and the ABEC-9 chrome steel bearings provide a smooth ride and maximum speed. It also has a premium grip tape that provides a powerful grip on your feet. Moreover, the aluminum alloy truck can support your weight.

  •   Pros
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easily adjustable trucks
  • Smooth wheels
  • Great for both professionals and beginners
  • Offers better control of tricks
  • Premium grip tape
  •   Cons
  • Its non-stick surface may not stick well on the deck.
  • The paintings are not very durable.

4. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

POSITIV? Skateboards Andy Mac "Digital Series" Assembly 8"
  • Spring 2012 Digital Series complete skateboards from the POSITV
  • POSITIV team includes Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Sandro Dias
  • Boards manufactured to demanding specifications of Skate One in either birch or maple
  • Proprietary AirLam fuses multiple plies of wood together using waterproof glue
  • POSITIV trucks; MiniLogo Bearing

The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard has a width of 8 inches and a length of 32.125 which means that the sturdy deck will match the needs of a number of riders. Its multiple plies of wood are joined together by the Airlam process and waterproof glue. The bottom features an SST slide treasure which improves the length of the rider's slide.

With a wheel diameter of 54 mm and 99A hardness, it is a perfect choice for the skate park. Its bearing is a mini logo that ensures smooth skating. This skateboard can accommodate a maximum weight of 250 pounds. It features softer wheels made from PU material and also top-notch bearings for better speed.

Its deck is concave, which provides stability and allows one to perform tricks. The base has been made from a strong ABS material that resists abrasion, and it is also lightweight to make it easy to manage the beginner skateboarder.

  •   Pros
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sturdy and stable board
  • Concave and durable deck
  • Lightweight
  • Larger wheels
  • Great truck dimension
  • SST slide treatment
  •   Cons
  • Limited graphics and prints available

5. Magneto Barefoot Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Magneto Barefoot Mini Cruiser Skateboard | EVA Stomp Pad Grip Tape | Short Board | Canadian Maple Deck - Designed for Kids, Teens and Adults (Barefoot) (Barefoot-Cruiser)
  • MADE BY SKATERS All of our boards are designed by skaters and inspired by our location in Southern California, the birthplace of longboarding. Many of our design cues come from the local surf culture and natural materials, we let the simple aesthetics shine on their own. We also prioritize our customer service and want you to be completely stoked with your new board. All messages are replied to within 24 hours and we’ll do our very best to ensure satisfaction and maximum cruising on our boards.
  • FOAM GRIP Grip tape is replaced with an EVA foam surf style stomp pad on top of the Canadian Maple deck. It’s soft and cushy under barefeet and the foam has the added benefit of dampening out a lot of the heavy vibrations from the road.
  • SUPER PORTABLE Designed to be fun to ride and easy to carry around, this is our go-to board for anyone who skates everywhere. The small size of the board makes it easy to carry and take on the go while still being a great board for cruising and riding everywhere! Length = 27.5" | Width = 7.5" | Wheelbase = 18.5"
  • HIGH QUALITY DECK Manufactured from 6 full plies of Canadian Maple, the deck is very strong and durable. The board sports a sand grit finish on top to grip your feet and show off the maple deck and the unique graphics. Length = 27.5" | Width = 7.5" | Wheelbase = 18.5"
  • STURDY TRUCKS The trucks are made from quality gravity cast aluminum making them super reliable and sturdy. The top mounted Paris style trucks have a 5 inch hanger and kingpin angle of 55 degrees and the wheels and bushings are cast in high quality SHR plastic parts on this board!

The Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is a good beginner stake board for people who in search of a super smooth ride. Unlike some skateboards that have a traditional grip tape, this one features an EVA Stomp Pad for comfortability to your bare feet when skating.

This board is also one of the most portable ones in the market, and it is easy to store and carry around. It is compact enough, but at the same time, it offers plenty of room for your feet to be able to control the rides. It is a great choice for people who love to skate barefooted but also allows you to put on shoes.

The Magneto Barefoot is made from six full plies of Canadian maple, which ensures the board is durable and strong. The sturdy aluminum trucks are super reliable. This model is also super portable and easy to carry anywhere due to its small size.

  •   Pros
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Comfortable and easy to clean foam top
  • Smooth riding
  • Wide cruiser wheels
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable components
  • Offers plenty of room for your feet
  •   Cons
  • Doesn't work great in skate parks

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Beginner Skateboard for Adults

1. Width

For beginners, thin boards in height that are between 7.5 and 8 inches are great for beginners and those looking to perform advanced tricks because they can easily rotate. However, when it comes to the width, wide boards that are 8 inches and above offer more stability and comfortability, especially for people with big feet.

2. Wheels Type

The types of wheels should be matching with the type of skateboard. Moreover, the wheels for the best skateboard for beginners should match the surface of skating and the basic tricks you're planning to do. Long skateboards should have big and soft wheels.

On the other hand, small and hard wheels are great beginner skateboards for people who are planning to go cruising with them on the street. However, if you want to have a better riding experience on the streets, you should consider a high-quality skateboard specifically designed for street skating.

3. Deck Size and Concave

It is important to know your height before picking a deck length. Taller individuals will prefer longboards where wide decks are also long, and shorter adults will prefer shorter boards where one can easily rotate and spin the board.

However, longer boards are considered the best beginners because they offer more surface area to land efficiently. It is important to choose the best skateboard for beginners that responds great well to your height because if your legs are short, you might find it difficult to pull the front foot up.

When it comes to the deck's concave, low curvatures may be more stable but will prevent flipping and agility, while a high concave will help you put pressure on the edges of the deck, which in turn improves the ability to flip and steer your board with ease.

However, high concave decks may be too harsh if you're starting out, and you may want to consider the medium curvature decks.

4. Bearings

You need to find a bearing that cooperates especially if you're hoping to roll more without too much pushing. The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee scale (ABEC) comes in handy in rating bearings where the skateboard bearings include 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.

However, these ratings will only determine the bearing's precision and won't measure the durability or the rolling speed. Bearings that have ratings of 1 are precise, but high-speed bearings ratings of 3 and above are even more precise.

5. Durability

Just like every piece of equipment you buy, a good beginner skateboard should be durable, sturdy, and made from high-quality materials. It is recommended to get one with several alpine or Canadian maple wood layers where the layers should be well pressed using quality glue.

The trucks should also be made of durable but light materials where aluminum or its alloy are preferred. This is because they provide a durable and sturdy construction without compromising the weight of the board. Other important components that need to be durable include grip, bearings, bushings, and wheels.

The best skateboard should have durable patterns and graphics because, for some skateboards, the material may easily fade out over time which will require replacing them.

6. Stability

The body size of the skater determines the stability of the best beginner skateboards. The size of the skateboard should be proportional to the skater's size. Smaller individuals tend to prefer shortboards which are easier to control the movements and reactions. However, tall or bigger individuals tend to go for more extended decks.

7. Trucks

Trucks are T-shaped joints that connect the bearings and the wheels to the deck, and they influence how well you can control the deck. Ideally, the width of the deck should fit the axle width of the truck. The best skateboard for beginners should come with decks of 8 inches and a 149mm wide truck.

8. Assembly

While you may find a fully assembled or pre-assembled skateboard, some may come when different parts may require you to do the assembly. Some also come as a complete board which means you'll get everything you need, including the wheels, so you won't have to spend extra money buying the components. The right skateboard should come pre-assembled, especially for beginner skateboards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Skateboard for Beginners

1. Which skateboard is best for beginners?

A good quality skateboard with medium curvature is great for a beginner. Its width and length should be matching with your skills and height. Generally, the best skateboard for beginners would be the ChromeWheels 31-inch Skateboard Double Kick Skate Board.

2. What size skateboard should a beginner get?

For an adult beginner, the size of the skateboard you should get is dependent on a variety of factors, including your height, needs, and personal preference. However, the recommended size would be a deck width of 7.75" or 8.0" since most full-sized complete skateboards have a width of either 7.75" or 8.0". This is a perfect size to begin with, and as you become more experienced, you may consider a wider board.

3. How hard is it to start skateboarding?

There are a number of factors that will determine how hard it will be for you to learn skateboarding, including the skateboard, age, fitness, etc. It is important for beginners to start from the basics, such as carving, pushing, and balancing, then moving to advanced skills like ollies, Shavitz, kickflips, etc. 

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