Come find out what happens when you kill Pillagers in Minecraft! We’ll explore the possible outcomes and what you can expect when you take out these pesky mobs.

What Happens When You Kill Pillagers in MinecraftCheckout this video:

What are pillagers?

Pillagers are hostile, illager-like mobs that spawn in raids. They are armed with crossbows and weargray leather armor. They will also spawn in woodland mansions.

When a player kills a pillager, it will drop:
-0-2 pieces of rotten flesh
-0-2 leather
-1 iron ingot (if killed while wearing iron armor)
-1 crossbow

How to kill pillagers

Pillagers are a common enemy in Minecraft. They are hostile mobs that are armed with bows and crossbows. If you see a pillager, you should kill it as soon as possible. Killing a pillager will give you some loot, and it will also stop the pillager from spawning more pillagers.

In Survival mode

In Survival mode, when you kill a pillager, it will drop 0-2 pieces of leather, as well as any equipment it was holding. The equipment it drops can include armor, a bow, and/or an iron sword.

In Creative mode

In Creative mode, you can simply kill a pillager using any weapon to”>

What happens when you kill pillagers?

When you kill a pillager in Minecraft, a few things happen. The first is that the pillager will drop all of the items that it is carrying. This can include food, weapons, armor, and other miscellaneous items. The second is that any other pillagers in the area will become hostile and will attack you.

You get loot

When you kill a pillager in Minecraft, it will drop a few items that can be useful to you. These items include:
-0-2 Bows
-0-2 Emeralds
-1 Crossbow
-1 Iron Ingot
-1 Chainmail Helmet
-1 Iron Sword

The bow and crossbow are the most commonly dropped items, and they can be very helpful in combat situations. The emeralds can be used to trade with villagers, and the iron ingot can be used to create various items such as armor and tools. The chainmail helmet is a rare drop, but it can be very useful in protecting your head from damage.

The pillager’s head explodes

When you kill a pillager in Minecraft, their heads will explode into a shower of fireworks. All nearby players will receive temporary regeneration, and the area will be briefly illuminated by light particles.

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