If you’re playing Minecraft and you figure that your villagers are not breeding, this page is for you. Read on to learn how to get around that.

Minecraft Villagers Not Breeding: How to Fix Things

minecraft villagers not breeding

The first step to take is finding them a room to breed. This is something basic, and all players know that it’s a requirement. However, you might be going about it the wrong way. You need to place the villagers in rooms that have a door, thereby giving them some privacy (we will talk more about privacy in this post).

1. Arrange for privacy

Lots of Minecraft players don’t think about this, but it helps. If villagers see a baby in the same room they are in, they may not breed. So if there is a baby villager in their room, you’ll have to pick up the baby and then take it to a separate room or some other place, thereby giving the couple a chance to mate. If you want the villagers to keep breeding lots of baby villagers, you will need to pick up the babies and place them in some other place so the couple can keep mating.

2. Make sure they have proper food

If the villagers are eating the right food, then they will breed easily. You’ll need to place some food in the room because it’s necessary for them to be well-fed to enable them to breed. If you are not giving them the right amount of food, they will not breed. You can give them carrots or other fruits from the village.

A user stated that these food proportions work wonders — 12 beetroots, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, or 3 loaves of bread. Any one of the four listed foods will do the trick.

3. Give them a bed

It is popularly known that you need a bed for the villagers to breed; however, most people go about this the wrong way. If you have 10 villagers in a particular area and there is only one bed, you shouldn’t expect them to breed since the bed is insufficient.

To make them breed, you need one bed for two villagers, so for 10 villagers, you’ll need five beds. It’s even more preferable to build separate rooms for the couples. Doing this will solve the issue. Also, try adding three beds in the room, two for the couple and the other bed for the soon-to-be-born baby villager.

4. Ensure Mating mode

This is the most essential part. When your villagers start showing some heart signs above, this means they are in mating mode. Villagers only breed when they are in this mode, so you need to choose the villagers you put together carefully. Place villagers that are in mating mode together so they can breed easily. You’ll see hearts on the houses if your villagers are in the mating mode, and this is a good sign.

5. Ensure Willingness

It’s worth knowing that having villagers in mating mode is not enough, they must also be willing to breed. However, this is out of your control. The only thing you can do to guarantee their willingness to breed is to give them the right place to mate, good food to eat, and they should be in the mating mode. All you’ll do afterward is to wait for them to mate.


Once you’ve done all these and you have the villagers in the room, leave them alone for 20 minutes, you can find something else to do while waiting. By the time you’re back, you’ll find a baby villager in the house. If you wait for another 20-30 minutes, the baby villager should have become an adult. You can use this method to breed many villagers in Minecraft, however, make sure you always restock the room.

There are different ways to mass-breed baby villagers. It requires more materials and this can be too much for you to handle. To mass-breed, you’ll need a bigger room, lots of beds, and lots of food.

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