Playing Minecraft can be quite challenging when it does not run smoothly. This makes players easily irritated and they can decide to quit playing if it becomes out of control. This can happen when the server is laggy.

If you experience this issue when you are playing, all you need to do is find out what is causing the server to get so laggy and see how it can be fixed. By doing this, you would not risk abandoning your game progress.

why is minecraft server laggy

Reasons Why Your Minecraft Server Is Laggy

Plugins: If your plugins are not well installed, then your Minecraft server will be very slow. When installing new plugins, ensure you stop and restart your server so it can refresh and reload. It could also be that the plugins are too many and there is not enough RAM.

Too many players, entities, and items: This could cause your server to be very laggy especially when the RAM cannot support the weight of the load caused by game items.

Outdated Minecraft version: If your game version is not up to date, your server may be slow as it will be more difficult to keep up with the current gameplay.

RAM cannot handle the server: If your device memory is running out of space, it will be difficult to store new data on it and this will cause the server to lag.

Type Of Lags

  • Connection lag
  • Server-side lag
  • Client-side lag

How To Solve and Minimize The Lagging Issues On Your Server

Console Errors: Always ensure the consoles are thoroughly checked before submitting a ticket. Also, try using Google to search for how to fix your server. Scan your console to detect any errors. If the errors detected are severe, then try to troubleshoot the errors. This will reduce the rate of lag on your server.

Server lags: This can also be described as TPS (ticks per second) lag. TPS is mainly used to check the rate of speed, stability, and performance of the servers and the maximum rate it can go is 20TPS. When there is a tick, your server automatically updates, so this means that for every 20 TPS, there your server will be updated 20 times per second. For your server to run at optimum speed, your TPS should be around 18-20. You can check your server TPS by simply checking the RAM usage: “/memory”.

How to fix:

  • Viewing Distance: Reduce your viewing distance from 10 to 6. This will improve your gameplay and ease the load in your Minecraft server.
  • Automated Restart Setup: This can help your server operate easily by reducing the space your RAM has used.
  • Update to the Latest Version: It is advised that you use the latest version of Minecraft on your server. Most new versions have improved plugins that will run smoothly with your server and this will improve the performance of the server.
  • Remove disposable plugins: If you have plugins that are not useful on the server, the server resources will be used up. To avoid this, you can disable the plugin that is not in use by renaming the plugin .jar file and end it with “.disable.”. For example, unused.jar.disable. To reuse the plugin, simply remove the disable.
  • ClearLagg plugin: There are many features on the ClearLagg plugin that can be utilized to reduce the rate of lagging on your server. It is easy to configure and is highly regarded as one of the best plugins. To view, click on

Examples of commands used to reduce lag with this plugin include;

  • /lagg clear – Removes all entities on the server.
  • /lagg killmobs – Removes all mobs on the server.
  • /lagg chunk – Locate possibly laggy chunks.
  • /lagg unloadchunk – Unload unneeded chunks.
  • /lagg gc – Attempts to free RAM.

Other lags that could affect the server includes

Connection Lag

This can occur when your location is far from the server’s location. Latency which is also known as ping is the amount of time it takes your computer to interact with the server. If your location is not close to the server, it will take a longer time for your computer to interact with the server.

For example, if you hit a player, it may take a second for the damage to register. The main reason for this is that for every interaction made, the server and the computer have to exchange information by sending the action to the server and the server authenticating the action and resending it back.

This means that for you not to experience a connection lag, you must be within 200ms to the location of the server.

Client-Side Lag

FPS (frame per second) lag in Minecraft can be experienced when you have a lot of items that the game has to process. This will cause the TPS to drop its performance as it goes through those entities thereby making the FPS drop as it tries to keep up with the entities. To avoid this, use the Optifine mod.

The Optifine mod is easy to use and is highly recommended. In addition to this, Optifine mod can assist players to achieve higher FTP (file transfer protocol) and smoother game player.



We have looked at how the Minecraft server can affect the speed of the game and its causes. If you experience any lag on your server, kindly check out the cause of the issue and ensure you follow the process on how to fix the laggy problem.

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