If Minecraft isn’t loading on your Xbox One, there is a bug that might be causing the problem. However, it is easy to solve. Another likely cause of the problem is corrupted files. A new update of the game or a firmware for Xbox One is usually what is required. In this article, we featured the two best methods that have worked for several players most of the time.

Minecraft Not Loading on Xbox One: Tips to Fix The Problem

minecraft not loading on xbox one

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Minecraft

Uninstalling and reinstalling this game will clear up all the issues you’re experiencing since you’ll be reinstalling the newest version of the game, and the issues would be fixed.

  • Go back to the Xbox home screen.
  • Press the Xbox button, then go to My Games and Apps.
  • Locate and select Minecraft on this list of Your Games.
  • Press options then scroll down to uninstall it. It will uninstall all the add-ons.
  • Go to Full Library.
  • Select All Owned games.
  • Navigate to Minecraft, then install all. Its add-ons will also install.
  • Close other games so its download speed will increase.
  • Go back to My Games and Apps, then open Minecraft. It should be working properly now.

Do a Factory Reset

Resetting your console to factory reset will erase all settings, saved games, accounts, and home Xbox associations. Anything you didn’t synchronize with Xbox Live will be lost. Xbox console automatically syncs with Xbox Live when it’s connected to the Internet; however, if you’ve been offline for a while, you’ll have to connect to Xbox Live before doing the factory reset so that all your data can synchronize with Xbox Live.

To reset your console to the factory default settings, here are the steps to follow β€”

  • Open the guide menu by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Select Profile and System.
  • Go to Settings, then System, and then Console info.
  • Select Reset Console.
  • On the new windows that appear you’ll see three options:

Option 1: Reset and remove everything — this option will reset the console to factory settings. All user data including saved games, accounts, home Xbox associations, settings, and all apps and games will be deleted. This should only be used as a last resort during troubleshooting.

Option 2: Reset and keep my games & apps — this option is not as extreme as the one above. It’s better to make this your primary choice when troubleshooting. It will delete all potentially corrupted data without deleting your apps and games, and it will reset the OS. If it’s a corrupt game file that is causing the issue you’re troubleshooting, you might not be able to use this option; instead, you’ll have to use Reset and remove everything. Nevertheless, you should always start with Reset and keep my games & apps.

Cancel β€” this option is for backing out of this screen. By selecting the Cancel button it will take you back to the previous screen. If you haven’t taken any action yet, it is a safe exit option.

Once you select any of the first two options, your console will begin the process of erasing the content and resetting your console to default settings.

If you don’t have an internet connection for synchronizing your data with Xbox Live, you can make use of a USB drive instead.

Xbox One console doesn’t scan for a USB drive unless it needs to, because it speeds up the start time of the console. You’ll have to make it search for the USB drive manually. This is how to go about it β€”

  • Switch on your computer and your Xbox One console.
  • Press the Pair and Eject buttons at the same time (the console will be forced to look for the USB drive update).
  • The first power-up tone will sound around 10 seconds after powering it up. This shows that the USB update has been detected.
  • When the second power-up tone sounds, it means that the update file has been copied and mounted.

The sounds are important because they are the confirmation signal that the process has been successfully initiated.


These two methods should help fix the problem. It will take less than two minutes to try them out, and you should have your Minecraft game working perfectly. Saving your files is also very important, and we offered different ways to save it so it doesn’t get lost when solving “Minecraft not loading issue”.

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