This problem usually happens when you change your username and Minecraft hasn’t recognized this change yet. What you need to do is log out from your Minecraft account, then log back into your account. This will solve the issue; lots of players have tried this method and it stopped bringing “Minecraft Not Authenticated with” error.

minecraft not authenticated with

However, some have complained that it didn’t work for them. If it isn’t working for you as well, there are two other ways you can use to resolve this issue.

  • If you have another account, you can switch to it for now.
  • Use a code of command

How to switch Minecraft accounts

It requires a bit of advanced setup. To make things easier for you, there are three terms you must know —

  • Minecraft username – your username is the name of the Minecraft character of your account.
  • Computer user account – this is the computer account you logged into when you start up your computer.
  • Minecraft launcher configuration — you can make Minecraft run in different versions and with different settings by using different configurations which you can access with the Minecraft launcher (before you press Play). By default, Minecraft players will have only one configuration called “Latest Release”, but it’s possible to set up lots of configurations.

Windows 10 Edition

On your Windows 10, you can log into a different computer user account.

Click the start button >> Go to settings and then go to Accounts >> Click on Other Users >> Click on Add someone else to this PC and then fill in the account information in the blank boxes that appear >> You can choose to make it a local user without an account or you can create a user with a Microsoft account.

(Some players tend to use an exclamation mark. Don’t use it because Minecraft will not work.)

Click here for more info


If you’re using a Mac computer, follow this step to create a new computer user account —

Go to Users and Groups preferences. You’ll see (+) below the list of users, click on it >> A New Account pop-up menu will appear, you should choose the type of user you want to create >> Input the full name of the new user. An account name will be created automatically. If you want to change the account name given to you, do it right away because you can’t change it later >> Create a password. Using a password hint is recommended because you might forget your password someday >> Click Create User.

For older OS versions, please click here

How to access your Minecraft using a code of command

This method is even more advanced, but it’s not as hard as it seems. It’s very straightforward and takes less than a minute to two minutes to set up and start playing games on your Minecraft account.

This requires a code of command — powershell-command “Start-Process notepad “Senv:windir\ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts” -Verb runas

Go to your Windows homepage >> Click windows + r. An empty field box will appear >> Input the code of command in the box then tap “Okay” >> A prompt will appear asking if you want to open NotePad, tap on yes or allow >> You’ll see various codes of command. Scroll to the bottom, you’ll see these codes — localhost

= 1 localhost

At the bottom of these codes you’ll see two other codes, you’ll delete these other two codes, but leave the ones above >> Now open your Minecraft, it will start working perfectly.


This is a very common issue, and it is not something to fret about. As you can see, all the steps you can take to resolve it takes a minute or two, and you’ll be back in the game in no time having fun. Also, it’s worth mentioning that just because the login and logout method didn’t work immediately doesn’t mean it won’t work later. You can try it first before trying out the other methods.

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