Have you ever played an online game that requires building a clan? Clans make online games more fun and interactive. They are an integral part of those online games. In these games, clans ensure communication between members, organize gameplay, and carry out group-based actions. But, building a clan takes time and effort. You also may end up with members of your Clan who do not share your interest. And, if you are playing a multiplayer game, you may run into problems.

Clans and Destiny 2

Have you ever played Destiny 2? If not, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about or why you haven’t been invited to play. Destiny 2 is the sequel to the hit sci-fi shooter game, and it contains many things that make it stand out from its predecessors. First and foremost, it’s bigger and better than ever. The combat, loot, and story are all better, and the gameplay has been streamlined to be more accessible. And it’s one of the most social games out there.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is available on pretty much everything. And no matter how many times you boot up the game, you’ll likely spend at least a couple of minutes messing around in the Tower, the hub that serves as both the game’s social hub and the area where you’ll do most of your adventuring. The Tower is the central hub of Destiny 2 and one of the few places in Destiny 2 where you’ll encounter other players.

But playing Destiny 2’s PvP mode, the Crucible alone, is boring and tedious, so you’ll often find yourself seeking out other players to team up with so you can complete missions. Destiny 2’s clan system is one way to find other players, and it’s also tied into the game’s loot grind, so it’s always a good idea to join a clan. Destiny 2 promises to bring many new features and gameplay elements to the franchise. One really cool feature is the clan system.

In Destiny 2, clans now have three ranks: Blue, Purple, and Gold. These ranks are earned through completing specific activities. Those activities include slaying a certain number of enemies, finding a specific number of chests, and completing specific milestones.

How Do You Make A Clan in Destiny 2?

You’ve noticed more international players than local ones when you’ve played Destiny long enough. And when you’re one of those locals, you’ve probably been bitten by the Destiny 2 clan bug. If you have a Bungie.net account, it’s easy to create a clan. If not, though, you’ll need to create one first. And that’s where this comes in.

After creating your Bungie.net account, you are now ready to take the steps towards the creation of your Clan. Check the following steps below:

  1. Go to the CLAN CREATION page. After signing in with your account, navigate to the CLAN CREATION page. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll see a few different entry fields here, and you’ll need to fill in info like the Clan’s name as well as the motto. This will help other players to know more about the Clan, especially those who don’t personally know you.

  2. Go to Clan’s MAIN MENU. If you’re using an internet browser, click on the button that you will find at the bottom part of the page. If you are in the DESTINY COMPANION app, you will get the same information; however, it will be split into different pages. If you want to view your Clan’s information, just click on the CLAN that you’ll find at the bottom of the app.

  3. Invite other players to join your Clan. There are two ways that you can do to form your Clan. You can either (1) send a clan invitation while you’re playing Destiny or (2) send your friends with the link of your PROFILE PAGE if you are using the browser. To go to your Clan’s MAIN MENU, click on the CLAN PROFILE that you can find on the left side part of your screen.

  4. Confirm a new player’s request to join the Clan. As the administrator or the clan leader, you have the power to accept the said request. If you are inviting players via the mobile app, go to CLAN > CLAN SETTINGS > PLAYER MANAGEMENT > then click on the INVITES. This will give you the option to invite any player that you wish to invite. You can even see players from Xbox Live or PlayStation Network friends list.

Did you know that you can create a clan composing up to 100 players? Yes, that’s true. That is why make sure you have granted each player’s request that is deemed worthy of being part of your Clan.

How Do You Find Your Clan Members?

Destiny 2’s clan system allows you to group your allies into a clan. This Clan will then have its own activities, challenges, and quests. But how does one find their clan members in Destiny 2?

Destiny contains a wide variety of quests that aid Guardians in their quests to save the world. But finding friends can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the Guardians universe. Luckily, Destiny 2 features some effective ways to create your Clan and how find clan members.

Here are some of the ways how you can find members to be part of your Clan:

  • Destiny 2 Clans: The 100

  • Destiny 2 Discord

  • Destiny Clan Finder

  • Bungie’s Clan Recruitment

Three out of the four options can just be found on the main page of Destiny 2. While for the last option, you can navigate Bungie’s website and locate the CLAN RECRUITMENT page.

Clans are player-based groups that compete against other clans in Destiny 2. While clans are not mandatory, they make interacting with other players and completing missions easier. Its members ultimately control destiny 2 clans; however, clan leaders can set clan rules that govern all aspects of clan life. After creating your Clan, you need to recruit the members and place them in appropriate roles. Having people in the right roles is very important to the Clan’s success, so consider placing some in your leadership. Doing so allows you to plan for the future of the Clan and its progress.

How to attract More Members? – Work on your Clan’s Profile

Different clans come together to play the game of Destiny 2; some play only for the fun of it, and others look at it as a way to further their real-world goals. But for some clans, it is their main focus, and they go the extra mile to make their Clan the best it can be.

As one of the steps on how to customize the Clan to make it stand out from the rest of the pack, here are the steps on how to make a banner by working on the website’s tools.

  • Step 1. Go to clan.destinythegame.com

  • Step 2. Click on the Banner tools

  • Step 3. Click on your desired banner size and background

  • Step 4. Click on the emblem and foreground colors

  • Step 5. Click on extra banner details

  • Step 6. Click on your desired banner details

  • Step 7. Save banner

The Destiny 2 clan website has always been one of the handy tools gamers use to promote their clans and attract members. Still, Bungie has changed things up during Season 2 of the Destiny 2 competitive multiplayer. The new Clan Customisation system lets players create banners for their clans that they can use to attract new members to the game. Players are able to design their clan banners right on the website, using Bungie’s banner creator tools.

How Can You Chat with Your Clan Members?

The Destiny clan system lets you invite your friends and clanmates to your Clan, meaning you can chat with them in-game. As with the original Destiny, Destiny 2 lets you chat with your team of Guardians—this time, though, you’ll be able to chat with them wherever you are on the world map, thanks to a new feature called Clan Chat.

This feature allows you to organize a clan with your clan members, private message other clan members, and chat with clan members. Also, clan members can also organize a clan forum that allows you to see all clan discussions, including clan news, recruitment, personals, general discussion, private messages, and Clan Chat.

What is the Clan Leveling System in Destiny 2?

Clans are groups that are linked together in Destiny 2. These clans form allegiances with one another. This allows players to share a wide range of rewards and the opportunity to group up with other players for various activities. The ease of forming clans has led to clans becoming an important part of Destiny 2.

For the Destiny 2 Clan leveling system, you now must visit the character Hawthorne and complete quests to gain XP and level your Clan, similar to the first expansion to Destiny. The quests may range from completing Raids to finishing some bounties as well. Take note that these challenges may change over time, so make sure that, as the clan leader, you are always updated with such changes. Why? So that you can always keep your clan members updated and thus have the chance to level up the Clan.

How Can Your Clan Earn Rewards?

The Destiny 2 Clan system is one of the most innovative features Bungie has introduced so far, and it gives players new ways to interact with their game. Rewards are gained by playing Destiny 2 and completing activities in the game. Clan activities, however, are special activities that give clans a special boost in reputation and power. Clans earn rewards in different ways, but here are some of the more important ways:

  • Participate in the Crucible

  • Complete the Leviathan Raid

  • Complete Trail of the Nine

  • Complete the Nightfall Strike

As a member of your Clan, you can receive loot and gear for completing special challenges. Unlike many games, the rewards for completing these challenges are not linear; they are random and weighted toward random rewards. The random rewards include exotic armor, exotic weapons, exotic gear, exotic engrams, and upgrades.

How To Join The Guided Game In Destiny 2?

When it comes to Destiny 2, a guided game is the multiplayer mode that puts you in the role of a Guardian. In Destiny 2, a Guardian is a human warrior who battles other players and monsters. In Destiny 2, a guided game mode called Raid features six-player cooperative gameplay against the forces of the Black Garden, and you must work together to defeat them, or the guardians die.

Destiny 2’s Guided Games are shorter and easier versions of the main campaign missions. You’ll get a quest that’s less than 10 minutes long, which will teach you how to complete the mission. However, completing the Guided Games doesn’t add story progression. Destiny 2’s Guided Games are only available at Level 50 and above, so you’ll need to be at that level or higher in order to play them.

Other Things to Consider…

Bungie has released a new page on the Destiny 2 website detailing the changes coming in version 1.2 to the Clan Quest system for the clan leader or anyone with access to the clan tab. The update will include some new features like private Clan Quests for members and a new Clan Activity tab in the Clan menu. Clan leaders will also be able to create private Clan Quests for their Clan, which will give members the ability to work on a challenge for their Clan, but not the general public.

Clan leaders will also be able to create private Clan Quests for their Clan, which will give members the ability to work on a challenge for their Clan, but not the general public. These quests will be free for all clan members, but they’ll also earn clan XP, a new clan currency, which can, in turn, be spent on clan gear. Bungie is also adding changes to enable Clans to use clan XP. This will help them to unlock and upgrade weapons and armor.

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