Destiny 2, the sequel to Destiny, is a very different game from its predecessor. The developer, Bungie, has completely reimagined the game with new features, weapons, and enemies. The game launched in September 2017, so if you haven't played it yet, now is a good time to do so.

Destiny 2 is here, and a new relic comes to the legendary shards. These powerful objects are incredibly rare, and they hold power to create legendary weapons and armor. What are legendary shards exactly? Where did they come from? And how can you get one? These are the questions we'll tackle today.

The Legendary Shards

Destiny 2 has 4 different types of currency available. Destiny 2's Legendary Shards is one of the most widely used of these. Legendary Shards, or Legendaries, are the lowest tier of Armor or Weapons in the Destiny series of games. These weapons are obtainable in the Destiny 2 game but are rare. The Legendary Shards, in general, are extremely powerful, and their rarity makes them highly coveted, but there are a few notable Legendary Shards that need to be mentioned.

Shards are obtained from dismantling legendary and Exotic- rarities gear. Since you are not often given rewards from dismantling Legendary gear, it's recommended to farm them for Legendary Shards. Legendary shards are collectible items that you can trade for perks. These perks usually offer a permanent buff to your class. They are often sold for gold or MC on the marketplace. The legendary shards in Destiny 2 are rewards for completing simultaneous strikes in multiplayer. Every legendary shard is a piece of an Exotic weapon, and it's your job to find them.

How Do You Get Legendary Shards in Destiny 2?

The legendary weapon shard is the heart of Destiny 2's endgame. Once you have 12 legendary shards, you can craft a legendary weapon, but you can't craft the new exotic weapons that drop as pinnacle rewards. So how do you get legendary shards, and how do you get enough to craft a legendary weapon?

If you want to get the legendary shards, you will need to farm them. Check out the following methods on how you can farm them:

  • Legendary Shard Dismantle Bonus – In Destiny 2, Bungie added a new way to earn legendary shards. The new method is called Shard Dismantling. The new method works like Raids, but on a smaller scale and with fewer rewards. The Competitive mode in Destiny 2 has an extra mode that mixes in PvE elements: it's known as Legendary Shard Dismantle. This is a mode where players face off against waves of enemies in a match to eliminate them as quickly as possible. At the end of the match, players get rewarded for their efforts: win or lose, they get a legendary shard. Legendary shards are required to complete some Exotic armor and weapons. This method rewards players with two legendary shards after completing it. But players who complete it continue to face difficulties when trying to farm legendary materials.

  • Visit Spider – Spider is one of the rare locations in the game where players will get legendary shards. This rare location is located in the same area as the Nightfall Strike. It gets its name from a Spider robot that patrols the area. It is in the Tangled Shore area and requires level 27 Warlock to defeat. This is one of the lowest levels of Exotic locations and is fairly easy to reach. You must defeat the robot and then speak with the Spider Queen, who resides there to get to it. From the shore area, you go right across the cavern floor. Then, you keep going until you come to a small set of stairs. Climb these and then head left into the cave entrance. Hop over, follow this round to the right, and follow this corridor until you have reached the Spider. The Spider Queen will reward you with a legendary shard, but in order to get that reward, you must visit Spider. This is a challenging location to visit as it requires a lot of patience. This is one of the last locations that players will complete in the game.

  • Planetary Tokens – When you reach level five, you unlock the ability to get planetary tokens, which allow you to increase the number of tokens you can collect per planet. The Planetary Tokens system in Destiny 2 has four tiers: Normal, Rare, Exotic, and Legendary. The normal and rare tokens drop in Heroic, Raid, and Nightfall Strikes. The exotic and legendary tokens only drop from legendary activities. Normal and rare tokens collect in the token case on your ship, while exotic and legendary tokens drop to players as loot. A token case can hold up to 20 tokens, and when the case is full, you can exchange it for a weapon, armor, or an exotic engram.

  • Dismantle Shaders – Destiny 2's endgame is notoriously frustrating. When new raid content is released, there is a mad dash to try and get the ever-elusive legendary (purple) engrams to drop. Often, this means grinding out the same missions over and over, hoping and praying that you'll finally score one. One method for getting a legendary shard is to dismantle shaders. The game Bungie, the creators of the Destiny series, updated the loot system to accommodate players who were only interested in getting their hands on Legendary items. However, this meant that players who picked through every chest or dropped by every enemy didn't necessarily receive a fair shot at a legendary item. The solution was to deconstruct a shader from the game's loot tables. Here's how it works: When a player deconstructs a shader, it gives them one legendary shard in addition to the normal drops; deconstructing a shader doesn't reduce the player's normal drop rate.

  • Gunsmith Materials – Destiny 2 is a game of the fierce competition. Whether you are playing with friends, strangers, or yourself, this competitive nature will drive you to want to find the best gear and weapons you can play the game with. While your random drop chances from enemies, chests, and events might not net you the best gear, you can stack these drops together to get legendary gear. Gunsmith materials or Gunsmith shards are specifics of the Legendary Engrams. They unlock Legendary weapons and gear. Although, they are only obtainable by sacrificing one of the weapons or gear. So as to get a Legendary weapon or gear, you have to be an alchemist.

  • Complete some quests - While a lot of the content in Destiny 2 revolves around destroying enemy Guardians, there are activities all over the place that reward you with loot. One such activity is questing. While completing quests will generally grant you a random item, there are specific quests that reward you with Legendary Shards. Legendary Shards are the new currency in Destiny 2, and it's used to purchase Legendary weapons and armor.

  • Check it on the Vault - The Vault is a hidden location in Destiny 2 filled with treasures, including some Legendaries you might have missed the first time around. To unlock the Vault, you can try various methods, but one of the easiest, and arguably more effective, is to purge its contents. Periodically, Bungie will wipe out the Vault of Glass and reset the gear inside it to Legendary. During this time, anyone courageous enough can liberate the Vault and retrieve any Legendary loot that it wants. While you can do this at any time (and even during the regular weekly reset that occurs every Tuesday), you can only do this once per year.

  • Play the game - The Destiny 2 release of the holiday season has arrived. The long-awaited raids and PvP arenas are ready to be played, but for some, dismantling the new raid, Leviathan, is proving more difficult than expected. How to farm legendary shards effectively? Appear in the first strike and then, when the raid begins, return to your ship and take two exits to the Tower. The game will not register you as having invaded the raid, and your legend level will increase. To farm the shards, look for a space near where the Fallen keep spawning and attack their spawns.

Destiny 2 has quickly become one of the most popular games of the year. With so many people playing, some players are getting frustrated and angry about how hard it is to get legendary items in the game. What they want is a Destiny 2 hack, but the reality is that the game's developers would never allow such a thing on their platform. Sure, you can cheat your way to a Legendary item using macros, but Bungie is diligently working to prevent this from happening. We have these farming methods that are designed for us to work on to gain the legendary shards.

Things to Consider When Farming Legendary Shards

If you are an avid gamer, then you know that Destiny 2 is a massive action RPG, and one of the most talked-about features is the farming for legendary shards. To farm for legendary shards, you need to know:

  • What things to look for – Destiny 2 has a whole new set of legendary gear introduced this year. While you may still be unlocking weapons and armor from the campaign, progressing further in the game will unlock the new legendary gear, which can only be obtained by farming these pieces in open-world locations. In order to best farm for legendary shards for the gear you want, you must first know what things to look for.

  • What items drop – In Destiny, legendary shards drop randomly and are fairly uncommon among the various weapons and armor shards. However, when farming for shards, it can be useful to know what items drop, which makes them more valuable. Some items are universally droppable, while others are only droppable in specific raids. Probably the most useful shard drop is for the legendary weapons, which drop from Raids but are also droppable from Raid Lairs.

  • Where is the best to farm – One of the considerations when farming for legendary shards in destiny is to choose your farm location wisely. Farming in The Reef will get you lots of legendary shards, but you need to watch out for lightning strikes. Yalahar also a nice farm location, but watch out for the Mandrills.

Farming for legendary shards in destiny is a grind that can take up a lot of your time. Getting that magical legendary item can be a long and arduous process. However, you will need a lot of patience with legendary farm shards, and you will need the best farming gear possible. Destiny 2 is a game of grind, and farming for legendary items is a huge part of that.

Be Legendary – Win the Destiny 2 Game with These Tips!

Destiny 2 is almost here, but first, gamers need to prepare. This means installing all the game updates and ensuring that your graphics card is up to snuff. Of course, take note of these tips when you are playing Destiny 2:

  • Pay close attention to Killfeed, one of the game tips. Killfeed is Destiny 2's in-game news feed, and it plays an important role in the game. When someone in your friends' list visits a Lost Sector or attends the Crucible, or strikes, it posts notifications. It also provides a list of events and adventures happening across all platforms.

  • Use radar to your advantage. In Destiny 2, your radar is your best friend. You use it to scout out a location or use it to find a particular enemy. You can even use it to locate resources, like ammo, consumables, grenades, armor, and even weapon upgrades.

  • Revive your teammates immediately. At the beginning of the match, you revive each of your team members. And in the process of developing the game, Bungie has noticed that the process of reviving teammates is so far too slow. So, they have introduced some significant optimization to the game, such as speeding up the revive process, speeding up the kill time, and reducing the number of revives.

Now, let me tell you something about Destiny 2. Destiny 2 is the sequel of the well-acclaimed game Destiny. This sequel has some amazing gameplay, and in fact, it is the best gameplay I have ever experienced in my life. So, what are you waiting for? Go buy Destiny 2 now and start your journey, and don't forget.

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