Imagine having all those sheep you see grazing and roaming the hills of Minecraft as pets. What’s even better is having so many sheep that they produce a lot of wool for you.

Do you know all of this is possible if you know how to tame a sheep?

Sheep is a very common animal in Minecraft. If you think sheep are only useful in real life, you better think again. Sheep are very useful in Minecraft as well.

You can breed two or more sheep to produce lambs. You can also get materials like wool and mutton from sheep when you feed them.

But there is something you need to do — tame them first.

how to tame sheep minecraft

How to tame a sheep in Minecraft

It is quite easy to tame a sheep in Minecraft. All you need is a wheat harvest.

Wheat is used to luring the sheep. A tamed sheep will follow you everywhere you go as long as you have wheat in your hand. They love wheat that much.

So how do you actually tame a sheep?

1. Start by getting some wheat seeds

You need to get wheat seeds in order to grow wheat. You get wheat seeds from harvesting grass. Just right-click on grass and it will be harvested.

2. Pick an area near water and start hoeing the ground

Areas close to the water and where the light level is about 9 or more will help the wheat grow faster.

Equip your wheat seed and start using a hoe on the ground by right-clicking. After that, right-click again to plant the wheat seed into the ground.

3. Wait for the wheat seed to grow

You don’t need to do anything other than to wait for the wheat to grow. It takes 2 days (2 Minecraft days actually) for wheat to grow and ready for harvest.

4. Harvest your wheat

After two days, your wheat is ready for harvest, approach it and right-click to harvest.

5. Equip harvested wheat in your hot bar

It is important to equip the wheat before approaching a sheep. You can only lure a sheep when you have wheat in your hand.

Go on to equip wheat in your hot bar.

6. Approach a sheep with the wheat

Sheep is very common, you find them roaming around the Minecraft land so approach one or two or as many as you wish with the wheat in your hand.

Once the sheep sees the wheat, the heart emoji pops above it and it starts following you around.

It keeps following you as long as you have wheat in your hand.

7. Lure the sheep into an enclosed space

Now that the sheep is following you, lure it into an enclosed space.

The enclosed space can be a building with a door or you can construct a brick fence and close it up with a gate to make sure you have your sheep protected.

There you have it — you have successfully tamed a sheep. Easy, right?

Now that you can tame a sheep, what next? Breed the sheep.

How to breed a sheep in Minecraft

Breeding in Minecraft allows animals of the same species to breed and produce offspring. When you tame two or more sheep, you are allowed to breed them in order to produce a lamb.

You can also get wool from a sheep that you breed either by killing it or using shear. It is better to shear. When sheared, sheep can give 1-3 wool upon every breed. After it has given the wool, it needs to regrow the wool by eating from a grass block.

Breeding a sheep is quite easy as well. Follow the steps below to learn how to breed a sheep.

1. Tame the sheep

Follow the steps above to tame two or more sheep that you want to use for breeding. You need at least two sheep before breeding can occur.

2. Feed the sheep wheat

To breed the sheep, you need to give them wheat. Stand close to the sheep and feed them wheat by right-clicking on the wheat that you have selected in your hotbar.

3. The sheep enters ‘love mode’

Once you feed the sheep with wheat, it enters ‘love mode’. This means that hearts appear above the sheep.

When a sheep is in love mode, it is ready to breed with another sheep that is also in love mode.

Both sheep meet up (kind of ‘kiss’) for a few seconds.

4. A lamb is born

After the two sheep meet, a lamb appears and breeding is over. You can repeat the process with another sheep or wait for about five minutes in Minecraft time to breed the same sheep.

Even though the majority of the sheep in Minecraft are white, you can get a lamb of another color by breeding sheep of compatible wool colors. For example, a blue sheep breeding with a white sheep will result in a light blue sheep.

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