Looking for how to op yourself in Minecraft?  Ding! Ding! You’ve arrived at the best article suited for you. Here, I’ll be taking you on a simple step-by-step procedure on how to do just that; so simple even a newbie in the game will not find it difficult to carry out. Come see what I mean.

how to op yourself in minecraft

What is an OP?

As you know or maybe don’t know, OP means any of the two things in Minecraft. It could be a term that refers to a player being an operator or to a player being overpowered.  This article is going to teach you how to become the former. Being an op is like being the game admin.

Picture it as you being in creative ruler mode, having power over the world of the survival mode players in Minecraft. Ops are players that have access to the server administration rights and all commands (such as the /gamerule, /give, /effect, /setblock, /ban, /kick, /op, /deop and many more) that enables them to manage the server and its players. It makes one entitled to such powers as being able to edit the server, ban people and make fellow players ops also. An op can pretty much do anything!

Well, it is not a surprise that a Minecraft player like yourself would be making enquiries on how to op yourself. With the endless possibilities and powers a player could have from being one, it is only normal to want to become an op in this multiplayer software.

Let’s explore how to become an op and use the game commands in Minecraft.

Before becoming an op or being able to make other players ops on the network, there are basic requirements that have to be met for that to be possible. Do not let the word requirement scare you or push you aback because they are very simple to be met.

Come see what I mean.

The prerequisite and only requirement needed to be met for you to become an op in Minecraft is for you to have already created or hosted a multiplayer server in Minecraft or as gamers call it, “a Minecraft server”.

How To Host A Minecraft Server

Now that you understand what a Minecraft server is, you need to know how to host one in order to be able to op yourself in Minecraft.

Hosting a server is quite simple as there are several options open you to do that, either by;

  • Opening a world to LAN.
  • Renting server clients.
  • Sourcing for already dedicated servers that provide a wider range of power sources.
  • Employing external server clients.

After being able to host a server, you are now eligible to op yourself on Minecraft.

How To Make Yourself An OP in Minecraft

As stated at the beginning of this article, being op grants you permission the server has to offer along with its commands.

Making yourself an op or another player an op is basically the same thing. See for yourself.

  • be sure that you Login to your server’s panel and select your purchased server in Minecraft.
  • In game panel, you then click on the console tab.
  • A command-line appears and in it, type “op” and press enter.
  • Replace “<username>” with your Minecraft username or the username of the player that you desire to make an op.
  • After the step stated above, simply hit the enter key.

A message should appear that states that the player is now an operator.

You have now successfully opped yourself or the username of your choice. Simple right? Yes! As the alphabets.


When entering commands in the server’s console, it is important to know that you are not required to use a “/” before the inputted command as by default, it is already included as part of the command.

The op command has been made available over the years in the following versions of Minecraft;

  • Java edition
  • Pocket edition
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Nintendo switch
  • Windows 10 edition
  • Education edition.

Congratulations, you just learned how to op yourself on Minecraft. I’m sure this was very helpful.

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