Minecraft Modcraft is a very interesting and easy way to play the Minecraft game. With Minecraft Modcraft you can easily change the Minecraft game to a different mod that is available without having to repeat the same old thing every time.

Also, Minecraft Modpack allows different players to play at once and they are allowed to change the theme of Minecraft to what suits them at any time.

how to make a minecraft modpack

Making Modpacks In Minecraft

The Minecraft Modpack is simply known as the collection of several mods in a pack.

The Modpacks consist of all the themes you need for playing the game and these packs are very necessary when there are many players on the game, it makes things much easier for the other players and it helps in updating your Minecraft from time to time. Players can play using the same Modpack without having to download separate mods.

Modpacks are complex because they contain a collection of several Minecraft mods but it is very great and it makes the game more interesting and worth playing. Introducing the Modpacks to your Minecraft game can be a little tricky. There are different means by which you can install the Modpacks but each one of them has its usefulness.

How to download Minecraft Modpack

To download Minecraft Modpack, you will need to first understand the type of Modpack you want to download before you install the mod on your server.

Choosing a Modpack for your server must be the recommended version for your server, it must be the mod that your Minecraft supports (you can know that by reading the pack description).

There are several sites to download from such as Technic Launcher, CurseForge app, ATlauncher, or Feed the beast Launcher (FTB).

Using Technic Launcher to add Mods

The technic launcher can be used for your custom Modpack hosting for the server

To start using the Technic Launcher site:

  • First setup the folder you want to place the forge
  • Go to the Technic launcher site and choose the Modpack by browsing “Modpack”, choose the pack you need to download.
  • On the Modpacks page, by the right side, click the “Server Download” button.
  • Check the Modpack Options and click the “gear icon”
  • Click the button close to the Modpack file path
  • Open the mods folder in the Modpack.
  • Copy the mod installed and paste it into the folder you created.
  • You can now launch your game after downloading and archiving it into a Zip file for later use.

Using CurseForge App to add Mods

  • Browse the CurseForge App on your system
  • Navigate the CurseForge and check for Minecraft in the app, once seen browse Modpacks (check for new versions) to choose the Pack you need for the game
  • You can set up the CurseForge account for more use
  • Search and Install the desired Modpack, it will be seen under the Minecraft tab
  • Click the play button after downloading to launch the Modpack.

Using ATLauncher to add Mods

  • Check for the ATLauncher on your browser, click and download the app.
  • Open the App after downloading, Click to edit the accounts tab, at the right of your screen. Add your Minecraft account when editing.
  • The account you select must be from the bottom dropdown. Navigate to check for the type of mod you want for your Minecraft account.
  • Navigate and click the “Packs” tab.
  • Select the Modpack you want and click “Create Server”
  • Navigate to the “Servers” tab and open a new folder. This is where the server files will be kept.
  • Confirm all the new changes you just made and close the window
  • You can now start your game.

Using Feed The Beast Launcher (FTB) to add Mods

  • Browse and download the FTB
  • After downloading, select the Modpack of your choice.
  • Click the Modpack you want and Edit to add your Minecraft account
  • Navigate the bottom dropdown, on the right of the window, you will see “add mod” Click and add Mod
  • Check for the mod you just downloaded to confirm that it is in your Minecraft account. It will automatically appear around the left-hand column of the screen.
  • Confirm to be sure of all the new changes made. Close the mods window.
  • Start your game.

Some Common Problems You May Encounter with Modpacks

While adding the Mods to the existing Modpacks, you may encounter some problems along the way which may be difficult to process. Some of the issues are:

1. Missing Mods list

If you are having this problem, it may be a result of the incompatibility of versions. The new mods you downloaded in your libraries folder are not compatible with the version of your Minecraft. Confirm that the version of the new mods you are adding has the version number that can be matched with your server.

Check if the mod can support the service so as not to encounter any issue that may want to arise. If you are certain of the compatibility and you still find the mod to be missing, there might be other errors, you can check the mod’s comments pages online to see what others are complaining about, you can get a potential solution from there.

2. Index Error

Check the configuration files of the new mods you downloaded. It may be the cause, confirmed by deleting the present configuration files of the new mods and starting the Modpacks all over again to see if a new configuration will be generated.

If you observe that it is still the same configuration, open a support ticket on your server for error details and input the mod author, it will supply the error source.

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