In Minecraft, the kelp is an item found in the water body. It can be seen underwater in the ocean biomass, growing side by side with seagrasses.

harvest kelp in minecraft

How to Harvest Kelp in Minecraft

The procedures involved in kelp harvesting include:

  1. Search for the kelp: it is important to identify the kelp in order to differentiate it from other seagrasses.
  2. Break the kelp plant: the version of mine craft used determines the game control on how to break the kelp plant. When a part of the kelp plant gets broken under the water, smaller kelps will appear and they might float up to your current position.

The control is as follows based on the version or edition used:

  • Pocket edition (PE): tap and hold on to the kelp plant to break it.
  • Java edition: click leftward and hold on to the kelp plant.
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox one: press the RT button on the controller and hold on to it.
  • For PS3 and PS4 editions: click on the R2 button and hold it down on the PS controller.
  • Nintendo: press and hold down the ZR button on the switch controller.
  • WII U version: click and hold down the ZR button on the gamepad.
  • Windows 10 edition: click left and hold on to the kelp
  1. Pick up the kelp plant: once the kelp is harvested and picked up, it would appear in your hot bar as an inventory to be used for later purposes.

Uses or Benefits of Kelp in Minecraft

The kelp when kept in the inventory is processed into dried kelp. The dried kelp serves as a food item which when eaten, will replenish or increase the feed level on the mine craft food meter.

In order to process the dried kelp, the harvested fresh kelp is crafted in survival mode. The kelp crafting is done with the use of a crafted furnace or a smoker. A smoker cooks the kelp two times faster than the furnace.

How to craft a furnace in Minecraft

The steps involved in crafting a furnace are as follows:

  1. Open your furnace menu: some versions have already crafted furnaces while others support the option of crafting a furnace with already made available materials. In the absence of a furnace, you can craft one with the use of black stones and cobblestones.
  2. Open a crafting table that has the format of a three by three square grid (3X3).
  3. The furnace is made with two major available materials, using the same pattern for arrangement. This includes the following steps:
  4. Arranging eight (8) cobblestones to fit a round into the grid, leaving the center space free. Once this is done, the shape of the furnace appears on the right box and the crafted furnace is moved to the inventory for smelting the harvested kelp into its dried form.
  5. Arranging eight (8) black stones into the grid using the same pattern (fitting it round and leaving the middlebox open). It is important to note that a change in the arrangement of the materials can lead to a change in the design crafted or the aim of the product.

Once the furnace is fitted into the inventory, it is easily available for drying the kelp plant.

How to craft a smoker in Minecraft

If you are interested in using a smoker instead of a furnace because it can cook the kelp or any edible material two times (2X) faster, it can also be crafted using relevant materials which include:

  1. A crafted furnace
  2. Stripped wood logs: four pieces of stripped logs of wood are required from various tree species and they include; oak, spruce, birch, jungle wood, dark oak, and acacia.

The procedures involved in crafting a smoker are similar to that of a furnace but the difference lies in the materials used and the method of arrangement in the crafting grid.

The procedures involved in crafting a smoker are explained below:

  1. Create a crafting grid table with the dimensions three by three (3X3), having a total of nine boxes.
  2. Set up the proper arrangement of the materials into the grid (furnace and four stripped wood logs of any of the above-mentioned wood species). The furnace is placed at the center of the grid table while the woods are arranged in a cross-like manner (+); one wood is placed at the top of the furnace, another placed below and two are placed at both sides.

Once the smoker appears in the right box, it is moved to the inventory.

To cook the kelp and process it into its dried form, the furnace is removed from the inventory and kept on a lower box, the harvested kelp is fixed on the higher box and fire appears in between to indicate that the kelp is cooking. When it is done, the dried kelp appears on the right box and it is moved to the inventory for feeding purposes. Asides from being eaten as food, the dried kelp is placed into a composter to make bone meal.

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