Have you ever played Destiny 2? It is an online real-time strategy online game developed and published by Bungie. Actually, Destiny 2 is the follow-up to Bungie’s first game in the franchise, Destiny. Bungie is a legendary online game developer and the company responsible for creating Halo, one of the greatest online games of all time.

The sequel, Destiny 2, was released on September 6, 2017, to critical acclaim, with over 5 million copies sold after just 24 hours. The game even made Time magazine’s list of the 100 best online games of all time. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Have you ever heard of the Palindrome?

The Palindrome

In Destiny 2, the weapons you acquire are very important, but the gear you wear is just as important. Some players may argue that the gear you make is just as important. However, when two players have the same gear, the gear that one has equipped on their character tends to be better. This is because Destiny 2 has a different stat for gear than for weapons and armor. Gear has a score called Power, which is indicated as a number, and when you equip gear onto your character, that number is multiplied by 1.25. This number is adjusted every few missions, and by equipping better gear, you can increase this multiplier.

The Palindrome gun is a powerful weapon that is best farmed by laying in wait and killing enemies until you can activate the laser cannon. This weapon doesn’t work on bosses since it fires off damaging projectiles, but rather on everything else, including other players. However, you can lock on to other players with the reticle, so you’ll get a kill bonus that way. With such a powerful gun, how do you get the Palindrome in Destiny 2?

How Can You Get The Palindrome?

The Palindrome is a weapon exclusive to Nightfalls. For Destiny 2, this weapon debuted (as did other new Nightfall Strikes) as one of the rewards for completing the Nightfall. This weapon is rare, and the only way to get one is to kill enemies within 10 seconds of a Nightfall strike starting. In order to get the Palindrome in Destiny 2, you must kill enemies within 10 seconds of the start of a Nightfall strike. There are a few ways to accomplish this, including killing enemies near the Nightfall before it begins or by using key cards from past Nightfalls.

 This weapon is exclusive to Nightfall, so you’ll need to run the Prosperity (Vanguard) mod on your Ghost. It is a gun that fires two lasers aimed at the user, each targeting a different part of the user. If anyone hits the lower laser, the gun fires twice; if the user hits the upper laser and hits it within its range, the gun charges. After being fully charged, the user is able to fire a mid-rifle shot that will kill enemies at point-blank range. The weapon has a 10 second charge time and needs to be reloaded after each shot. The gun will cycle through different effects, such as firing a fully charged shot, killing everything around the user, or firing a fully charged shot that will knock enemies back.

What is the Palindrome PVP God Roll?

The God Roll or God Perk of Destiny 2 allows players to buff their guns or alter their stats beyond the standard game system. The perks are specific, so players can only choose one of each perk, and that perk can only be used on certain guns and classes. God rolls have four modes, but they don’t affect all players the same way. They are:

  • Rampage or One for All - The Rampage is one of the best PVP God rolls in Destiny 2, but figuring out exactly what it is and how to trigger it can be challenging. For starters, the Rampage isn’t an elemental god roll. Instead, it’s a special variation on the Prototype abilities, and as such, it’s triggered when you successfully hit a Polaris Lance with your primary weapon. (You don’t need a secondary weapon equipped for the Rampage to trigger.)

  • Overflow or Outlaw - Overflow is one of the new Bungie 2.0 weapons, and it adds to your Destiny 2 arsenal with some cool combat tricks. It is also a 36 letter combination in Destiny 2. The Palindrome God Roll comes with several benefits. It grants the player a large attack bonus, an ability that drains 50% of the enemy’s HP when rolling it, and restores 50% of the player’s HP when rolling a Palindrome God Roll for a net gain. The Overflow is a light machine gun that quickly deals out precise, rapid-fire, and reloads. Add it to your arsenal by earning it after you complete the Heroic Public Event, “The Reef.”

  • Appended Mag - Appended Mag was one of the three most coveted roles in the game, with a synergized super and a deadly poison. There was also the fact that Appended Mag was sporting 1,000 health, whereas my weapon of choice, the Shotgun, only had a measly 150 health. Appended Mag is one of the rare mods and one of the 10 “Dungeon Master” mods exclusively granted from the dungeon. Like most Rare mods, Appended Mag grants a damage bonus and a passive mode.

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Hammer-Forced Rifling - The Destiny 2 weapon wheel is stacked with options that alter the way your weapon performs, and there are two that stand out for unique effect: “Corkscrew Rifling” and “Hammer-Forced Rifling.” Each perk slightly boosts your weapon’s range—Corkscrew Rifling gives you an extra 20 meters, while Hammer-Forced Rifling increases range by a whopping 50 meters. Both options are terrific, so it’s a matter of what you truly want. Choose Hammer-Forged Rifling if you prefer range above all else.

In Destiny 2, players have been making a name for themselves by hunting down the Palindrome God Roll, a challenging end-game collectible that grants them access to the Warlock legendary subclass. The God Roll is traditionally located in Nightfalls, on an island inside a cave, and players must reach the end of the cave and swim underwater to collect the item.

Game Tips for Destiny 2

Fans and gamers have long adored the Destiny franchise, and with the sequel set to release in September, anticipation is at an all-time high. And as we count down to the next big release, we’ve decided to share some of the best game tips out there with fans. Among them:

  • Form a Fireteam. Destiny 2 has introduced clans, and you’ll definitely want to choose a clan that meshes well with you. Clan members will work together to accomplish missions and even complete challenges and quests on a daily basis.

  • Join a Clan. When choosing a clan, remember that the clan’s strength is a reflection of its members; giving your clan your full attention will allow you to take full advantage of the various clan perks, including shared inventory and loot and loot drops.

  • How to Earn Artifact Shards. Completing the main story quest for Eris Morn will help you earn your first Artifact Shards, but your best bet for earning more is to complete activities called Exotic Activities that will pop up periodically.

  • Learn New Weapons. One of the most effective ways to improve yourself in Destiny 2 is to learn new weapons and traits. In Destiny 2, weapons come in three types: Light, Heavy and Super. Light weapons are more agile but weaker than heavy weapons. Heavy weapons are slower but better than light weapons. Superweapons are the most versatile but slowest. There are also 3 subclasses for Light, Heavy, and Superweapons: Assault, Sniper, and Warlock. Assault weapons deal more damage but slower. Sniper weapons deal more damage per shot but are slower. Warlock weapons deal more damage per shot and are slower but are the slowest. In addition, there are 5 traits in Destiny 2: Assassin, Vanguard, Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Assassins are good at stealth and damage. Vanguards have the highest damage output of all subclasses but the slowest movement speed.

  • Loot a dead enemy’s body. You’ll first have to loot their body and then loot their corpse to do this. You’ll first need to loot their armour and then loot their helmet to loot their body. To loot their armor, you’ll first need to loot their pants and then loot their shirt.

  • Practice your jump. One of the many great “abilities” in Destiny 2 is the double jump, and here’s how to do it.

  1. Go toward your Light, not away.

  2. Press “Jump” (or “Jump and Attack”) and jump again.

  3. Press “Jump” again.

  4. Stop just before landing, and hold “Jump” again.

  5. Keep your hand pressed and jump to a second area (this can be a wall, large pillar, etc.).

  6. Repeat steps 1-5, and you’ll be able to double jump throughout the level.

  • Earn your gear. In Destiny 2, you’ve got to earn your gear. While the game drops plenty of loot for you to find, keeping your character well-stocked in armor, weapons, and gear is a grind that takes some time. Fortunately, if you’re willing, you can speed up the process by picking up some of the game’s many advanced weapons.

  • Level up your level. Once you’ve completed your epic adventure, it’s time to level up your level. Leveling up in Destiny 2 is a two-step process. First, you’ll need to complete the main story missions and strikes to earn XP. Once you reach level 30, you can level up by completing any Strike, Heroic Strike, or Nightfall mission. Completing these assignments will reward you with 10 XP.

  • Mod your weapon. This allows players to mod their weapons, armor, and consumables with everything from glass visors to “no scopes” to painted emblems. The change is supposed to add variety to the game, but many players feel that the update actually detracts from Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer experience.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Engram Colors. The Engram colors in Destiny 2 are the secret code you need to uncover to unlock all the hidden secrets and information about characters. There are a total of 12 Engram colors in Destiny 2, and each one has a different meaning. Just like in the first game, the color of your Engram will reveal what your character’s primary stat will be, what bonus abilities that level will offer, and what type of light fusion you will have.

  • Xur is your bestfriend. Xur, the second exotic weapon dealer in the game, has been a little elusive thus far in Destiny 2. However, he is starting to pop up more frequently. As you might have noticed, there are two types of Xur in Destiny 2: one that appears on a scheduled basis and one that appears at random. The scheduled Xur offers players the chance to acquire weapons with extra special Power. During Xur’s weekly appearances, he will sometimes offer players the chance to become best buds, which will allow them to acquire some powerful new gear.

  • Take on the Raid Lair. Raids are dungeons filled with powerful enemies, and your objective is to defeat the bosses before the timer runs out. But the Raid Lair is different from the original game’s Raids in that it’s an online co-op experience. You’ll need to team up with other players to complete the Raid Lair.

  • Go on Patrol. Always On Patrol” or APO. APO allows you to set a patrol route and follow it, keeping you safe from enemies and looters. Suppose you don’t like the idea of always being on alert. In that case, you can set your patrol route based on other parameters, such as collecting bounties, completing missions, or going somewhere specific. This lets you play the game how you want when you want.

So, what makes destiny 2 one of the greatest online games?

Destiny 2 is a fantastic game, and one of the main reasons is because it is constantly evolving and expanding. Just with all of the expansion passes that have been released for the game, Destiny 2 is staying many fresh years after its initial release. The various activities also rotate in and out of playlists, which adds to the game's replay value. Every new activity played can pan out differently from before, and it can drop all sorts of loot, furthering the cycle.

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