WiFi is one of the most important things to have in your home. Being able to connect to the internet is very important nowadays, and with more than one device in your home, you want one internet connection for each device you are using. Do you have the traditional WiFi or the Portable one?

What is a Portable WiFi?

A Portable WiFi or portable wireless router is a device that plugs directly into a wall outlet and creates a wireless network for devices like smartphones and tablets to connect to. These devices are great when you need more bandwidth than cellular can provide or wireless access to a particular room within your home, like an office or bedroom.

Unlike cellular data, Portable WiFi does not require a cellular subscription but requires purchasing a dedicated data plan. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you can connect to the portable WiFi hotspot anywhere with reliable cellular coverage. Portable WiFi hotspots can be purchased online and through most major retailers and range in price from $100 to $300.

How does a Portable WiFi work?

When you’re on the go, you don’t want to miss out on important news, so somewhere along the way, you start carrying a portable WiFi device that allows you to access the internet from almost anywhere. Portable WiFi works by connecting your phone to the internet through your phone’s data plan. But how does this process work? How does a portable WiFi device connect to the internet?

Think of a portable WiFi router as a battery-powered external hard drive. It works the same way, transporting your internet data around from device to device. Portable WiFi routers are all the rage lately. They’re perfect for camping trips, business trips, and anyone who needs an internet connection outside of their home. With portable WiFi routers, you’re able to connect to the internet wherever you go.

Advantages of Portable WiFi

Portable WiFi routers or hotspots are for those on the go who are constantly on the move. The benefit of using a portable WiFi router is its connectivity and the power it packs. Let’s get to know more about the great things that it has through the following advantages:

·         You get to create an encrypted mobile hotspot. Portable WiFi is the name given to a portable 3G router that can give your mobile phone its own WiFi network. This can be very useful, particularly if you’re out and about, in an unfamiliar location, and aren’t connected to the web through your smartphone’s data plan. Portable WiFi allows users an easy way to share the internet from their phones to other devices. The portable WiFi hotspot device easily connects to your device and lets you share your own phone with up to 10 devices. A mobile hotspot is usually kept in your car but can also be carried in a backpack or purse and plugged into the USB port of a computer or laptop. It can even provide internet to laptops that do not have wireless capabilities.

·         It is cheaper. Many businesses and workers need temporary access to the internet while in different locations. Network providers usually charge high fees for this, but there are ways of getting temporary internet access. Portable WiFi was created to solve this problem, and it’s easy to get started. Non-stop WiFi is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. Free WiFi is a must whether you’re a casual user or a full-on gamer. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of getting constant WiFi access. Whether you’re at the airport or the mall, or you have to take a long, cross-country road trip, you may not have WiFi access for miles or even hours. Portable WiFi is the perfect solution.

·         Doesn’t drain your battery. Using a portable WiFi router doesn’t have to be a drain on battery life. Modern portable routers can save power by automatically switching to a power-saving mode when the device isn’t being used. It’s a smart feature that detects when the device is off and switches it to low power mode. Most other power-saving modes work in the same way: lowering the power consumed by the device but keeping the functionality intact.

·         It is safer. WiFi is ubiquitous, making it easy to assume that everyone feels comfortable connecting to the internet, but WiFi exposes computers to many security risks. Portable WiFi Networks such as the CZone U3 are safer for users to connect and surf the internet since the portable router only allows a single computer to access WiFi, preventing anyone other than the intended user from accessing the internet. In addition, portable WiFi routers provide users with a secure connection to a secure network, preventing eavesdropping on their internet traffic.

·         It is portable. As we now live in the digital age, it is safe to say that most of us already have a device capable of connecting to portable WiFi hotspots. However, there are still a lot of people out there who are yet to get on the bandwagon, and these people will struggle to get online on their smartphones or laptops when traveling. Portable WiFi hotspots solve this problem. These portable devices are small enough to pack away in your suitcase or rucksack and can connect to different devices wherever there is an internet connection available.

There are many advantages of portable WiFi, especially when you want to use your WiFi in many places, even outside the home. It is much easier to use portable WiFi than to install cables and WiFi routers everywhere. The outdoor signal is also more stable. Using portable WiFi is very convenient. A pocket-sized router that you can take with you go.

Disadvantages of Portable WiFi

Portable WiFi is a device that you can take with you, no matter where you are. You can literally carry this around in your pocket anywhere you go. It has no wires or cables, and it allows you to connect to the internet anywhere you go. This is an amazing invention. However, there are some disadvantages of Portable WiFi. These are:

·         Portable WiFi is that the battery is not made to last for a long time. Portable WiFi devices have become increasingly popular with travelers, students, and people who find themselves away from home and need to connect to the internet. These convenient devices promise to bring the internet to wherever you are, eliminating the need to search for a hotspot or for coffee shop WiFi. But, many portable WiFi devices come with a catch. Their battery life is notoriously short, and many users end up purchasing a second battery pack to be capable of using their portable WiFi device anywhere without running low on power. Most portable WiFi devices only have a four to six-hour battery life, so you either have to recharge the unit or unplug the charger before traveling.

·         Portable WiFi is that its signal can drop quite a bit. It’s convenient to have some WiFi access when traveling, and one of the best options is getting one from a portable hotspot. Unfortunately, the disadvantage is that your signal can drop quite a bit as one of the disadvantages of Portable WiFi. If your router is far away, this can create some downtime for your internet when in the area where the signal can fade. In addition, if you move too far away from your router, the signal can drop altogether.

·         It becomes one of those devices that you need to be reminded of. The proliferation of devices means we live in an always-on world. Never have we needed more portable WiFi, nor have more options been available. But, as one of the leading disadvantages of Portable WiFi, managing so many devices brings new security risks. The portability of WiFi is one of the great assets of portable WiFi routers. However, WiFi routers can also be quite clunky and heavy. This can lead to frustration when you are trying to replace or remove one.

Just like any other product, portable WiFi has its disadvantages. For instance, the battery life may be short, and the coverage is not as great as the fixed broadband. But, these disadvantages could be outweighed by their advantages.

How Do You Choose The Best Portable WiFi Device?

With WiFi all around us, it’s getting harder and harder to find a spot without WiFi. When out and about, bugs are everywhere. You need a smartphone or laptop with a WiFi connection or the data plan that comes with your phone. But which portable WiFi device do you need? Many options come with WiFi included, plenty of which claim speeds of up to 150Mbps. But which device is right for your needs? With WiFi devices being as popular as they are, the market is booming. There are thousands of devices now on the market. And with so many options, picking the right one for you can be difficult.

Here are the important things that you should consider when choosing the best portable WiFi:

·         Connections. Almost everyone has a WiFi connection in or attached to their home in this day and age. Whether you are an out-of-home campground, a homeowner who wants a WiFi connection for your entire house, or a traveler, WiFi is a must. And, your WiFi connection can be had using a portable WiFi device. Choosing the best portable WiFi hotspot can be a tedious task. WiFi can be a lifesaver, but finding one that’s actually reliable enough to give you a seamless experience can be difficult. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to this dilemma: simultaneous connections. This handy feature allows you to share a single portable hotspot with multiple devices without interrupting each other’s internet connection.

·         Data plans. Getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to data plans is of the utmost importance. Especially with the advent of streaming services, having a reliable data plan is a must if you want to take full advantage of using portable WiFi. Data has become a key item to consider when deciding on the best portable WiFi with the connected world movement. With today’s technology, consumers are relying on WiFi now more than ever before. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, having reliable WiFi access will allow you the convenience of being connected.

·         Easy setup. Sometimes you want the freedom and mobility of a computer, but there are times when you’re far away from a power source, have dead batteries, or need a quick access point. That’s where portable internet routers come in. These handy devices let you connect to a wireless network wherever you might be, whether you’re in the park, a restaurant, or in your home’s backyard. And, for ease of use, look for one that has a built-in battery since you’ll be using it away from a power outlet.

·         Consider the Speed. If you’re not familiar with portable WiFi, it’s a device that you stick in an outside outlet and connect to your smartphone or laptop to create a local network. When you’ve got multiple people sharing one connection, that usually means slow, intermittent connection speeds. However, there are portable WiFis that promise faster speeds and better connection reliability. When it comes to buying a WiFi router, choosing the best portable WiFi router becomes vital. Most people buy routers in order to enjoy a fast WiFi connection. But, what is more, important to consider is the speed of the WiFi connections that you will get.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet, we not only have email, but also access to all sorts of social media, news, and information. Gone are the days when the internet was just a tool for education. Nowadays, it’s an important tool for communication, commerce, and connecting with friends and family. A WiFi connection is now a necessity for anyone who needs access to the internet. So, whether you’re working from home, traveling, or just out and about, a quality portable WiFi can help you stay connected no matter where you go.

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