Have you ever wondered how big a Minecraft world is compared to Earth? Well, wonder no more! We’ve done the math and created a handy infographic to show you the answer.

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A Minecraft world is not nearly as big as Earth. In fact, it is only about 1/61,000,000th the size of Earth. However, that doesn’t mean that a Minecraft world can’t be incredibly huge! The world’s largest Minecraft map is 8,000 blocks long and 4,000 blocks wide. That’s the equivalent of 64 square kilometers!

The Size of a Minecraft World

A Minecraft world is made up of biomes. The overworld in Minecraft is infinite but the Nether and the End are not. The size of a Minecraft world is.

The Overworld

In the game Minecraft, the overworld is the main game world. Players can explore the overworld, build structures and mine resources. The overworld is divided into biomes, each with its own climate and terrain. The size of a Minecraft world is randomly generated, but it is typically around 64000 blocks square. In comparison, the earth is approximately 40000 miles wide. So a Minecraft world is about 1/160th the size of earth.

The Nether

According to the Wiki, “The Nether is a vast and dangerous place filled with hostile mobs and players. It is about 1000 blocks high, 2000 blocks wide, and 4000 blocks long, giving it a total area of 8 million square blocks. The Nether is made up of many different biomes, each with its own challenges and dangers.”

Assuming that one block is one meter, that would make the Nether 8 kilometers high, 16 kilometers wide, and 32 kilometers long. For comparison, the Earth’s circumference at the equator is about 40,075 kilometers, so the Nether would be about 0.2% the size of Earth’s equator.

The End

The End is a barren, dark dimension inhabited by Endermen and the Ender Dragon. It is the final goal of the game, to kill the Ender Dragon. The End is accessed by constructing a portal out of obsidian blocks, and then activating it with a Flame charge.

Comparisons to Earth

Minecraft worlds are big. But just how big are they compared to our own planet Earth? The answer may surprise you. A Minecraft world is 64 times the size of Earth’s surface area!

The Overworld

Assuming a spherical world with a diameter of 8,000 blocks, the surface area of the Minecraft Overworld is just under 200 million square blocks. For reference, the United States is about 3.8 million square miles, or 9.8 million square kilometers. So the surface area of the Minecraft Overworld is approximately 20,000 times the size of the United States.

If we assume that the world is a cube with each side 8,000 blocks long, then the volume of the world is just over 1 billion cubic blocks. The United States has a volume of about 57 million cubic miles, or 236 million cubic kilometers. So the Minecraft world is roughly 17 times larger than the United States in terms of volume.

The Nether

The Nether is one of the three dimensions in Minecraft, the others being the Overworld and the End. It is a dark and dangerous place, filled with hostile mobs and treacherous terrain. The Nether is a cube approximately 1000 blocks wide and 1000 blocks high, with a flat bottom at y=0. The top of the Nether is considered to be at Y=-128.

The End

In Minecraft, The End is a symbolic representation of the game’s final boss fight. Players who defeat the Ender Dragon are rewarded with a dragon egg, as well as access to an exclusive game mode called The End Dimension.

So how big is The End dimension compared to Earth? In terms of surface area, it is actually quite small. The End dimension is only about 1/10,000th the size of Earth’s surface. However, because The End is a three-dimensional space, it actually contains a significant amount of volume. If you were to take all of the air in Earth’s atmosphere and compress it into The End dimension, it would only fill about 1/1000th of the space. So while The End may be small in comparison to Earth, it is actually quite large in comparison to other three-dimensional spaces.


Based on the data that we looked at, it appears that a Minecraft world is about 12.5 million times smaller than the Earth. This means that, if the Earth were the size of a Minecraft world, each block would be equivalent to about 810 square kilometers. In other words, each block in Minecraft is about the size of Rhode Island.

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