If you ever played a mobile game where you needed to craft something to unlock cosmetic items, you’re a member of Gamer’s Club. For many of us who grew up playing Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and games on other consoles, virtual items were our lifeblood. You want the best, most powerful items, and you can’t get them unless you craft them on your own.

Have you ever played a game that required you to craft something to unlock cosmetic items? If so, then Apex Legends may be the game for you. It is a battle royale game developed by Respawn that pits 100 players against each other, hoping to be the last man standing. You can craft weapons, ammo, and skins using materials that you collect throughout the game. Do you know how to craft metals in Apex?

Crafting Metals in Apex

Apex Legends players rejoice: there are actually crafting materials in Apex Legends. The recent release of the Legends Awakened event introduced a few new crafting materials to the game, and while most of them are cosmetic or go towards boosting your Legend’s abilities, there are a few that give you crafting materials. Unlike Fortnite, there are no tiers of materials, so you can go over and craft all of your materials at once or craft one only.

Getting crafting materials in Apex Legends is incredibly simple once you know where to look. Crafting materials in Apex Legends are vended from loot crate robots, which are incredibly common in the game. There are two ways to get crafting metals; purchase Apex packs and Earn Apex packs.

Purchase Apex packs. The Apex Packs are the small loot crate robots you see with loot in them, and you can buy these for Apex Coins or Legend Tokens. Apex Packs can be purchased in the in-game store and contain crafting materials, XP boosts and crafting metals. The 1000 Apex Pack costs 9999 Apex Coins, or the 24,000 Apex Coins cost 2,499 Apex Coins.

Apex packs let you craft various metals, including gold, which are desirable in Apex Legends. You can acquire them at a variety of locations, although the easiest way is to purchase a pack from the in-game store for Apex Coins. These packs contain five random assorted metal parts, although you can trade these for certain parts if you find a better selection elsewhere. The 1000 Apex Coins cost $6.99, but you can get discounts if you buy multiple packs.

  1. Earn Apex packs.

Apex Legends is the new game in the Titanfall franchise, and it’s both immensely popular and immensely free. Fans of the Titanfall franchise and of multiplayer shooters, in general, will not want to miss this free, early access game. If you’re planning on playing, you’ll definitely want to earn the crafting metals you’ll need to make Apex Packs. And you can earn those crafting metals without spending a dime and with no real money.

One of the ways how to get Crafting Metals is to earn Apex Packs. You can do this by playing the game, completing the given tasks, and reaching the next level of the Battle Pass. In the Battle Pass, players can earn various rewards and character cosmetics, and one of the best ways to do that is by getting various crafting pieces from chests at the end of each match.

Crafting metal is one of the most used materials in Apex Legends. Metal can be used to make a variety of weapons, gear, or attachments. When you consume metal, it costs some energy. When the target uses your crafted metal weapon, there will be a chance that the consumed metal will be destroyed. Also, the Apex packs have limited time availability, so if you are going to play for the Apex pack, make sure you are playing it as soon as possible.

Knowing More About Crafting Metals

Crafting metals are the materials needed to craft equipment, weapons, or other items. The materials come in different qualities and values and can also be used in other ways. The crafting metals are used to build several items in the game, such as grenades, rockets, and boots. Also, these crafting metals are used to unlock various cosmetic items such as the following:

  • Weapon Skins

  • Weapon Charms

  • Holo-Sprays

  • Legend Emotes

  • Legend Quips

  • Legend Stances

  • Legend Banners

  • Legend Skins

Unlocking cosmetics in Apex Legends is not as difficult as you might think, but it’s definitely not something you can just do on the fly. Basically, each cosmetic item in Apex Legends can be unlocked by a specific combination of different characters. So, you’ll need to know which characters have which cosmetics, and you’ll need to strategize how to unlock them since some cosmetics can only be unlocked by grinding out hours in matches, earning, and purchasing Apex packs.

Win in Apex Legends with These Tips!

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game that’s quickly growing in popularity. The game lets you pick from four classes: the fabled Pathfinder, the agile Wraith, radar-spotting Gibraltar, and commanding Respawn. As you play, you’ll earn Apex Coins, which can be spent on new gear, cosmetics, and Apex Packs, which offer random cosmetic items—like head wraps, shirts, and emblems—that help you customize your look.

To help you win in the game and earn cosmetic items, check out the following tips:

  • Start mastering the basics of the game as quickly as possible. When playing Apex legends, getting lost in all the names of the various characters, locations, and items that pop up throughout the match can be easy. While some of the older players have probably seen or played Apex legends before, this can also be the case for those who haven’t played a while and are a bit rusty on how to win as the “standard” legends. Apex Legends is a game that demands you to be quick with the controls, and the best way to go about things is by doing a lot of practice. Practice makes perfect, after all. That’s why it’s important to start mastering the basics of the game as quickly as possible.

  • Adjust your game settings. If you’ve been playing Apex Legends for as long as you have, you’re already well aware the game isn’t the easiest to win. Luckily, there are ways you can boost your chances. One of the easiest is to simply adjust the game settings, which you can do directly from the main menu. For example, the FOV (field of view) setting lets you adjust the angle of your view, which can also affect your effectiveness in Apex Legends. Adjusting your FOV to a lower setting will help you see more of the playing field (to help you spot enemies), but you’ll also see less of the map since lower FOV settings also move the camera. Both of these settings can be adjusted via the Main Menu > Settings > Video Settings > Field of View.

  • Know the perfect time to drop into the arena. Of course, when you get into the arena, you’ll immediately notice that you are outgunned. This means that one of the tips on how to win in Apex legends is to remember that you will need to be smart about planning your movements. So, if you drop into the arena, make sure to spot the enemies and take note of their positions quickly. Then, once you have the enemies’ locations, you can use one of the tips on winning in Apex legends and moving to cover or flank and flank the enemy team.

  • Familiarize with the game’s currency. If you’ve been playing Apex Legends, then you probably know about the game’s premium currency, the Apex Coins. Apex Coins can be used to purchase both cosmetic items as well as Apex Packs, which contain rare Legend skins, Apex Packs that may contain Legendary and Epic skins, and Apex Packs that may contain Legend and Legendary skins. The Apex Legends system also works similarly to early Overwatch, where people would buy packs with random loot in them and which would cost ~5-10$. Apex Legends is a bit different, though, as players get rewarded on a regular basis for playing and accomplishing certain tasks.

  • Learn the basic rules of combat. As a player, you need to learn the basic rules of combat: attack first, and try to kill enemies before they can kill you. While there are no-kill cards, you will have to work on teamwork to win battles. If possible, try to position your character in the middle of the group. If there is one enemy or several, try to position your character in the middle of the group. If it is only one enemy, do whatever you can to kill him. If it is a large group of enemies, try to stay inside a circle. This circle will help you protect them and allow you to counterattack.

  • Let’s talk about prime materials. So, prime materials are essentially crafting materials. Crafting materials are very important for cosmetics in Apex Legends and in Apex packs. Prime materials are also very important for items. So, for example, the Warhorn in Apex Legends costs one prime material. The Suppressor costs 2 prime materials. The legendary shield costs 3 prime materials. So, prime materials are really important, but they are not always easy to get. So, let’s talk about the process of getting prime materials.

  • Learn the art of armour swapping. Most people are horrified when they hear about tap-to-jump mechanics in video games. Basically, when you press jump, your character leaps into the air. But Apex legends offers up another method to jump—armour swapping. You can jump by pressing a button and swap out your armour while in midair with it. It doesn’t give you an infinite jump height, but you can get pretty far if you time it right.

  • Take advantage of different map locations. Taking advantage of different map locations—you never know what treasure you might stumble upon during your travels. Apex Legends is a respawn-based game, so you always start at the Apex ship, and you can use different map locations to respawn from. Apex Legends’ map has three locations: the Apex ship, where you can respawn after dying; the Safe zone, where you can respawn after dying; and respawning after a 20-second interval after death. Depending on what map you’re playing on, you might not be able to respawn after dying, which means you can only respawn at the Apex ship. Once you’ve finished playing through the tutorial, choose an Apex Legend.

  • Build a squad. As you read this guide, expect to hear a lot of Apex Legends tips; and as one of our tips on how to win in Apex Legends, we’re going to demonstrate the importance of building a great squad. On top of your match, you’ll encounter a number of challenges as a squad. Complete these challenges, and you’ll earn XP. This XP will help you level up, which unlocks different attachments for your weapons. They also give you XP for your Battle Pass, which, when completed, rewards you with cool cosmetic items for your character. To help you complete challenges quicker, it’s important to build a good squad.

  • Teamwork is king. In competitive battle royale games like Apex Legends, teamwork is king. Figuring out where everyone is, what abilities they have, and what weapons they can help your team immensely. Playing the game solo and constantly having to guess who your allies are can be incredibly frustrating.

Apex legends are one of the hottest games right now. And it’s easily one of the most fun games out there right now. The game’s fun factor has a lot to do with how awesome the controls are. But, the best thing about Apex legends is how customizable it is. If you play Apex legends, you know that you can re-spec your character to get what you want out of it. You can also change your character’s loadout and weapons, swap your Legend, edit quite a few options, and much more. But, if you want to really make some headway in the game, you’ll need to find a way to get crafting metals as well as win a lot of battles.

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