Any game can encounter errors or bugs, but people do not anticipate these situations, including the developers of the game. Thankfully, the Switch version of Fortnite seldom encounters bugs, and the bugs it encounters are minimal ones. If Fortnite isn’t working, there are several easy steps you can take to ascertain the problem and solve it.

fortnite not working on switch

Fortnite Not Working on Switch: Likely Causes

There are three major reasons why Fortnite might not be working on Switch; sometimes it’s possible to solve the issue, and at other times it is a general problem that you have to wait for Fortnite developers to resolve. Here are the three major reasons —

1. The saved game is corrupt

In some cases, there might be corrupted data and it’s this data that is causing the error. Detecting the corrupted file and deleting it using the console’s error-fixing mechanism may help in resolving this issue.

2. Firmware glitch

Nintendo Switch is a nice gaming console; the only issue is with the firmware. There are cases where a new firmware version may have some effects on the game, thereby making it crash. If the crash started after you installed a new system update, then the issue is definitely a firmware glitch.

3. Connection or server problems

Unplanned or planned maintenance can also be the issue interrupting the game and causing Fortnite to crash. If the problem is caused by Fortnite servers, you’ll have to wait for the developers to resolve the issue. In other cases, your local network might be the one causing the game to crash, probably the connection keeps disconnecting or your internet speed is slow.

Fortnite not working on Switch: How to Fix

1. Check for server issues

Before troubleshooting Switch, you should look around to see if there is any server-related issue causing the problem. You can check Fortnite’s official Twitter page for news and updates on recently identified bugs.

2. Reboot your Nintendo Switch

Rebooting your Switch is more like refreshing the system, and it’s effective in fixing minor bug issues. Press and hold the power button for about 3 seconds to turn off your console. Different Power options will appear, click Power Off.

If Switch is unresponsive or does not respond to any input, you can force reboot it by pressing the Power button and holding it for about 12 seconds.

Turn On the console to check if Fortnite is now working without issues.

3. Refresh the console system cache

If the system cache is bad, it might interfere with some games, causing them to randomly quit. Refreshing the system cache can solve this issue. Follow this step to refresh the cache —

  • Tap on the Home Menu.
  • Select System Settings.
  • Select Formatting Options.
  • Clear Cache.
  • Pick the user whose cache you want to clear. You’ll see some on-screen instructions, follow them.
  • Restart your Switch and check if the problem has been resolved.

4. Install game and system updates

Keeping the firmware of your Switch and your Fortnite up-to-date is one of the other ways you can fix bug issues. You don’t have to worry about updating your Switch because it updates by default. All you need to do is ensure that you install new game versions as soon as they are released.

Always try to update your games to the latest version. To keep up with the latest information about patches and updates for Fortnite, you can visit Epic Game’s official Twitter account, or their Fortnite webpage.

5. Delete corrupt game data

Sometimes corrupt data may cause your game to not work with Switch. You can set your console to scan for possible corrupt data. Follow the steps below —

  • Go to Home Menu.
  • Click System Settings.
  • Navigate through the left-hand side options, and then select Data Management.
  • On the right-hand side you’ll see Manage Software, click on it.
  • Then check for Corrupt Data.

6. Re-install Fortnite

If all these solutions don’t work for you, then you might consider deleting and re-installing Fortnite, and this sometimes fixes crash issues. Follow the steps below to delete and reinstall Fortnite —

  • Highlight Fortnite on the Home Screen of your Nintendo Switch.
  • Open the Option menu by pressing the + button on the right Joy-Con.
  • Check the menu on the left. Find and select Manage Software.
  • Select Delete Software.

When asked to confirm the deletion, select Delete again.

After it has been deleted, you can visit the Nintendo website to download Fortnite again.

7. Do a Factory reset

If none of the other solutions work, you can try returning your Switch’s firmware settings to default. The factory reset is a more drastic solution and it should only be considered as a last option. After you have reset your Switch, you’ll have to reconfigure it again and redownload your games.


One out of all these solutions will definitely work for you. Start with the first solution and keep proceeding until you find the one that works. The last solution is an extreme one because you’ll most likely lose your saved data. Most people find a solution without having to factory reset their Switch, and there is a possibility you might too.

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