Every avid video game player is aware that most video games have a game loop and Minecraft is not exempted from this.

The game loop is essentially the control for the flow of the game program and is called a loop because the game repeats many actions again and again until the game player stops the game program.

how to change tick speed minecraft

Ticks in Minecraft: What Do They Mean?

In Minecraft, one complete game loop is called a tick and one game in Minecraft usually runs at a pace of 20 ticks per second(TPS), and one day in Minecraft is a total of 24,000 ticks in 20minutes.

The game time for video games like Minecraft is not dictated by actual time but the number of ticks and this could take longer if the game program is run on a slow computer. Therefore, the actual time a server takes for one tick is called milliseconds per tick(MSPT).

Types of Ticks in Minecraft 

It is important to know all the types of ticks on Minecraft so you can take full advantage of them.

There are three main types of ticks and they are:

Game ticks

These happen every second at 20 ticks per second. After every game tick the following things occur among many others:

  • entity positions(objects with position, velocity and rotation) are updated and the values of their characteristic properties recalculated due to influences like gravity in-game.
  • health and hunger levels of players are updated and so increased or decreased accordingly.
  • Mobs in the game check their game environment and change behaviour as needed.

Redstone ticks

These happen after every two game ticks which means they occur at 10 ticks per second. The redstone ticks are examples of scheduled ticks that happen in a consistent pattern.

The redstone ticks/repeaters are used to upgrade redstone signals to full strength and to keep signals in one place.

Chunk ticks

These also happen at every second at 20 ticks per second. A chunk is a part of the Minecraft game world that is made up of 16 by16 by 256 sized blocks.

With chunk ticks come block ticks at a rate of 48 blocks per chunk. This rate is set at a default 3 ticks per block(in Bedrock edition) and 1 tick per block(in Java edition).

Chunk ticks do the following updates among many others:

  • make plants grow into the next development stage.
  • make fire spread in-game if close to flammable material.
  • make leaves decay and disappear
  • make in-game farmlands hydrated
  • make trees grow bigger
  • make turtle crack or hatch
  • make snow/ice to melt

How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Tick Speed in Minecraft dictates the speed at which things are upgraded and simultaneously the rate at which upgrades decay/stop, and players must be careful when modifying the number of ticks per block because increasing the number of ticks outrageously could render the game unplayable.

The tick Speed in Minecraft can be checked using the command /gamerule and it can be modified using the /gamerule randomTickSpeed command.

Changing your tick speed can be done in a couple of ways and they are:

1. Entering command in chat window

Going through the chat window is the easiest way to change your tick speed, but there are different ways to access the chat window depending on your Minecraft version.

To open chat window:

  • Java edition and Windows 10: Press T on your keyboard
  • Pocket edition: Tap on screen command which is found at the top right corner of the screen
  • Xbox and PS4: Press the D-pad on your controller

Once your chat window is open, enter the command /gamerule random TickSpeed<value> and save changes. You will have to reboot your server for the changes to take full effect.

2. Entering command in server settings

Going through the server settings is another way to change your tick speed easily.

Follow these steps to change your tick speed through the server settings:

  • Go to servers on your Minecraft account
  • Tap on Manager servers
  • Click on manage at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on console on the left side of the screen
  • Type in the command /gamerule random TickSpeed<value> and press enter.
  • Reboot server after saving for changes to take effect.

3. Entering a value in settings

For some versions, the random tick speed can be changed through settings.

  • Simply go to settings
  • Tap on Random Tick Speed which is usually at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on it and type in the tick speed value you want.

The <value> is the number of ticks you want to set your game to.

When the value is set at 0, all ticks are disabled. Also, when the tick speed value is too high Minecraft will consider your game to be in cheat mode and will likely disable your trophies and achievements.

Increasing the tick rate to high values could also increase the rate at which your game lags and make it unplayable.

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