Minecraft players on Bedrock Edition will want to check out these awesome seeds to enhance their next game.

The Best Minecraft Seeds for BedrockCheckout this video:

Seed #1

The first seed is -1788582293. This seed has a lot of interesting things to offer players. There is a village near the spawn, as well as a Mesa biome and a few other biomes.


Seeds are the foundation for everything in Minecraft, so finding the perfect seed can give you a serious advantage in your game. If you’re looking for the best Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this seed guide, we’ll show you some of the best seeds for Bedrock Edition, which is cross-platform play between Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, mobile, and Windows 10. These seeds will work on all versions of Bedrock Edition, including Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and consoles.

With that said, let’s get into our list of the best Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition.

Spawn Location

The first seed is a great choice for a Bedrock player looking for an easy start to their game. The spawn point is located in the middle of a village with a blacksmith and plenty of crops. There is also a nearby desert biome with cacti and dead bushes.


There are several different types of biomes in Minecraft, each with its own unique plants and animals. You can find biomes in all sorts of different locations, from the coldest taigas to the hottest deserts.

Some biomes are better for survival than others, and some have special resources that you can only find in that biome. For example, you can only find trees that drop cocoa beans in jungle biomes. Here’s a list of all the different biomes in Minecraft:

-Birch Forest
-Cold Beach
-Cold Ocean
-Deep Cold Ocean
-Deep Frozen Ocean
-Deep Lukewarm Ocean
-Desert Hills
-End Barrens
-End Highlands
-End Lowlands
-Eroded Badlands
-Flower Forest
-Frozen River

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H1: Green Tea

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In this seed, you’ll find an abandoned mineshaft that’s packed with resources. You’ll find plenty of coal, iron, and Redstone, as well as a few diamonds. If you explore the mineshaft, you’ll also find a few golden apples and golden nuggets.

Seed #2

This is an awesome seed for Bedrock Edition. You start off in a Savannah biome with a village nearby. There are three temples in the village, one of which has a treasure room. You also have a Mesa biome next to the Savannah, and a great view of the nearby mountains.


Welcome to our collection of the best Minecraft seeds for Bedrock Edition. Every seed listed below has been tested on Bedrock Edition (Minecraft PE, Windows 10, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and other Bedrock platforms).

If you’re looking for a seed to start a new world with a bit of everything, try this seed. You’ll spawn near a village with a blacksmith and several farms. There’s also a desert biome and temple not too far away.

Spawn Location

To find the coordinates of the Spawn location, open your map and look for where you Bed is. The coordinates will be in the lower left corner.


In Minecraft, a biome is a geographical area with distinct plant and animal life. There are several different biomes in the game, each with its own unique plants and animals.

There are several factors that determine what biomes will generate in a world. The most important factor is the climate, which is determined by the temperature and rainfall of an area. Other factors, such as elevation and latitude, can also affect biome generation.

There are ten different biomes in Minecraft:

-Extreme Hills
-Mushroom Island
-Nether Wastes
-The End


In Minecraft, resources are items that you need to gather in order to craft or build something. There are many different types of resources, including wood, stone, coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, redstone, emeralds, and diamonds. Each type of resource has its own uses. For example, you need wood to build a basic crafting table, but you also need it to make fuel for a furnace. You can find resources by mining them in the game world, or by looting chests.

Seed #3

This seed will take you to a village that’s abandoned. You’ll find a few houses and a blacksmith, but no villagers. Instead, you’ll find a few Endermen and some creepers. The blacksmith has some good loot, so it’s worth checking out.


Seed #3 is a great Minecraft seed for Bedrock Edition players. This seed features a village with a blacksmith, a ruined portal, and a desert temple. The village and desert temple are both close to the spawn point, making them easy to find and explore. The ruined portal is a little further away, but still within easy reach.

Spawn Location

When you spawn in this seed, you will find yourself in a village next to a blacksmith. There are mountains close by as well as a river running through the middle of the village.


Biomes are the different areas that make up the world in Minecraft. Each biome has its own characteristic weather, animals, and plants. There are currently 26 biomes in Bedrock Edition, one of which is the newly added Nether Update biomes. In this seed you will find all of them close together so you can explore and compare them side by side.

– Spawn by a village sandwiched between a mountains biome and a badlands biome
– Walk a short distance to find a bamboo Jungle
– Across the river is a graveyard next to a flower forest
– Further down is a plains biome with a DESERT village
– Nearby is an ice spikes biome and a taiga village
– Next to the taiga village is a giant tree taiga biome
– And finally there is an ocean biome with an underwater ruins


In this seed you spawn in a plains biome with a village next to a river. There are a few Pillager Outposts in the area and everything is pretty close together. It’s a great seed for anyone looking for an easy place to start their Bedrock Minecraft adventure.

The closeness of everything in this seed makes it great for getting started, but also for survival mode as there are plenty of resources to be had without having to travel too far. The village has food, tools, and villagers that can trade with you, and there are multiple farms in the area so you won’t have to worry about food. There are also trees nearby for wood, and plenty of ores to mine if you’re looking to set up a base or build some impressive structures.

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