Are you looking for one cool gift for your kid for your little one, or want to gift a nephew or niece? Why not buy them a hoverboard and create bonding time becoming excellent riders? A hoverboard is a modern vehicle with a narrow board with two wheels at the board’s side. To get the best hoverboard for kids in the market, you must know the essential features and the bonus benefits.

To ease your work, we have researched and compiled the top five hoverboard models with their reviews, pros, and cons that would make perfect gifts for your child, either for special occasions. Also, we have a detailed buying guide to help you arrive at an ideal conclusion.

Best Hoverboard for Kids & Teenagers

1. TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Music Rhythmed Hover Board for Kids and Adult Two Wheel Self Balancing Scooter- ul2272 Certificated with Music Speaker- Colorful Rgb Led Light
  • Get free hoverboard bag---just contact the seller's after-sales email When you received the hoverboard
  • International Highest Safety Standards: UL2272 Certified of hoverboard We provide international highest safety standards reports.
  • High-Temperature Resistance And Fire Retardance: The material and manufacturing process of the shell is similar to those of iPhone shell, which is with the features of high-temperature resistance and fire retardance, as well as high strength and toughness.
  • The New Music Stereo Speaker & RGB Light Design: Bluetaath 4.0 technology and seamless integrated cavity design, provide stereo surround sound. Awesome RGB LED design to present you a colorful lighting when riding.
  • Unique Music-Rhythmed Hoverboard: LED lights synchronously change color and twinkle as the Music's Rhythm changes. Cruising speed of 12 km/h with long distance for riders up to 165lbs. Super Storage Capacity last for 10 km after per charge. 17.6lbs easy to carry with to everywhere!

Tomoloo hoverboard is a perfect mix of the value for money, stylish, excellent build quality, and exciting features with a max speed of 7.45 miles per hour. As with all the items in this list, the Tomoloo hoverboard has passed the safety certifications. These boards use Bluetooth 4.0 technology, has a seamless cavity design that provides unbeatable stereo surround sound, and features LED lights. These two features give your kid a fantastic experience with the change in colors and twinkling as the rhythm changes and the lights also make them safe to use at night.

Tomoloo self-balancing hoverboard comes with a mobile app that you can use to navigate the self-balancing board and change the music, but according to some users' reviews, it is usable using Chinese-based phones. Besides, the board has a weight limit of 165lbs, so even an adult can ride. It is an electric board with a 250W brushless motor and charging speeds of around 2 hours with 6miles per single charge. The board packs a warranty and 24/7 support in case you encounter any trouble.

  •   Pros
  • You can control the speed with an app.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • It comes with RGB lighting, and a Bluetooth enabled speaker.
  • The board has racing level tires.
  • A rider can use it on different terrains.
  • Both adults and kids can use it.
  • UL 2272 certifiedIt has a high power
  • Top speed of 7.45 miles
  • The board has an IPX4 rating that makes it resistant to water splashes.
  •   Cons
  • It does not have a light adjustment option. 

2. Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Segway MiniPro is a high-quality self-balancing scooter and, at the same time, a hoverboard for kids best for older kids. The model offers an excellent child performance because of its 800 dual motors and 10-inch pneumatic tires. The top speed is ten mph and runs for 14 miles on a single charge, and ensures no accidents by limiting the speed riders can go. Segway mini pro hoverboard is ideal for kids 12 years old and above, and they can navigate using the stick between their legs and, therefore, increase stability.

This model comes with automatic headlights and customizable LED taillights, and you can change the colors using the app. It is available in two different colors, white and black, with 10.3 wheel sizes. The mobile app allows you to remotely control the hoverboard's max speed, check diagnostics, customize the lights, and update the firmware.

  •   Pros
  • The models come with a dual-motor engine.
  • The hoverboard is very durable with a lightweight magnesium alloy frame.
  • It can be used with a smartphone app.
  • The board has adjustable padded knee pads.
  • The models have shock absorbers.
  •   Cons
  • The charge time is 4 hours.
  • It has a low top speed.
  • There is a force brake when you reach ten mph.
  • The price of the kids' hoverboard is relatively high.

3. Swagtron Swagboard Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Swagtron hoverboard models are known to be very powerful, and both adults and kids can use them. This specific model has built-in Bluetooth speakers that enable kids and adults to play music from their phones and are compatible with IOS/Android phones.

This hoverboard for kids has a weight capacity of up to 220lbs, and therefore your kid will enjoy a smooth ride. Swagtron T580 electric scooter has up to 8 mph top speed and can cover 11 miles with a single battery charge. It is also learner-friendly as it has a learning mode for beginners that helps the kid learn how to ride quickly while feeling safe even at night because of the LED headlights.

  •   Pros
  • Safe to use as it has rubber bumps on the board and outer casing
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers to play music from your phone or computer
  • It can work great at night because of the LED lights
  • UL 2272 certified
  • It is portable and comes with a Swag bag that kids can comfortably carry
  • Batteries have a long life of up to 6 miles on a single charge
  • It can withstand a heavyweight of up to 220 lbs without affecting the speed of the board.
  •   Cons
  • Limited use on rough terrains as it gives it scratches
  • It has limited availability because of the price.
  • Not that affordable

4. SISIGAD Pure Color Series Hoverboard

If you search for a hoverboard for your child covering all the terrains, this hoverboard is perfect for you. Sisigad is among the best hoverboards for kids, for it can adapt to different kinds of terrains from ceramics to sand, rain, or even the uphill roads because of its non-slip footpad design that guarantees your child has control. Besides, it also has rubber tires that are 6.5-inch thick and a Bluetooth speaker that can easily connect to your smartphone.

The kids' hoverboard has a charging time between 3 to 5 hours, and you can ride up to a maximum speed of 6mph, and it will last for approximately one hour. It packs a 3-month warranty and can allow a weight limit of 200 lbs. However, keep in mind that this hoverboard does not have app support, and also the music and speed cannot be controlled together.

  •   Pros
  • It has multi-terrain tires
  • UL 2272 certifiedIt comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • The board has a long-lasting battery
  • The system is self-balancing
  •   Cons
  • No app support

5.     Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard boasts of being a powerful self-balancing electric scooter that uses Everbalance self-balancing technology and offers auto levels for smooth rides, easier mounts, and generally a safe experience. This kids hoverboard is easy to ride and works great for commuting, coasting, or racing with weight support of 220pounds. Razor has guaranteed safety measures and advises riders should be eight years old, and above but for younger ones, it includes two riding modes for normal use and training.

The board has three color options of red, green, and black with two LED light bars fixed at the front and an Led that monitors the battery's life. This best off-road hoverboard is whisper quiet and uses a 350-watt dual motor with a 36V lithium-ion battery that is interchangeable with an LG brand cell when you are on the go. However, this hoverboard for kids model does not have Bluetooth speakers or multiple LED lights, but it can still qualify as a perfect hoverboard gift.

  •   Pros
  • It has a great simple design
  • The board gives your feet extra room
  • It acts as a self-balancing scooter
  • Comes in differentUL 2272 certified
  • The run is an average of 115 minutes
  • The hoverboard has a whisper-quiet 350W dual hub motor
  •   Cons
  •  It does not connect to Bluetooth.
  • The board is not water-resistant.

What to Consider when Shopping for the Best Hoverboard for Kids 

1. Safety

When it comes to kids, the first thing you must consider is safety features. In the past, hoverboards had to catch fire cases, but that is no longer the case as the industry has made the hoverboard safer. Before you buy a hoverboard, look for the UL 2272 Certification, and this means it has passed all safety tests and contains protection against battery combustion and corrosion.

It's crucial for your kid always to have safety gear like elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet. This is because your body weight controls a hoverboard, so when a rider shifts their body weight in the wrong direction, they might fall, so the safety gear offers protection for those times.

2. Age Requirements

 The minimum age requirement that many self-balancing scooters and hoverboards have is eight years. However, every kid from a year old can ride hoverboards without any issues, and it is advisable for any kids under eight years old to ride it unsupervised.

All kids are also different, and younger kids may need more time to adapt to how a hoverboard operates. They might be able to comfortably ride the hoverboard once they learn how to relax their bodies and trust the hoverboard.

3. Hoverboard Weight

 It is essential to look for a lightweight hoverboard that is compatible with your kid and won't be tiring for your kid when they are carrying it about. Remember to check the max weight the hoverboard for kids can manage because most hoverboards have a specific maximum weight limit.

The recommended minimum weight is 30lbs for 6.5 inches and 8.5-inch hoverboards, while for the 10" hoverboards with pneumatic tires, about 40lbs.

4. Battery Charging Time and Battery Life

Everyone enjoys a long battery life of everything, but the best choice is to balance the long life with the hoverboard's performance, speed, and charge time. The battery should be adequate to keep your kid playing for several hours on a single charge. Besides, the best hoverboards should be charged fully within 3 to 4 hours.

To add to that, always remember not to overcharge the hoverboard to avoid any development of unnecessary faults to your lithium-ion batteries and the electrical system.

5. Build Quality

 To ensure you get a stable and reliable hoverboard, look for the one with good quality material. It is advisable to go for famous brands like those we have mentioned above and check customer reviews to make an online purchase. Generally, look for durable hoverboards made of metals and heat-resistant plastics, and safe battery compartments.

6. Wheel Size

 Hoverboards come in four different wheel sizes, and they include the 4.5",6.5", 8", and 10 inches. The larger the size of the wheel, the more challenging it is to ride. Notably, large wheels are perfect for handling rough terrains, while smaller wheels do better with smooth surfaces. For kids, the best wheel sizes are 4.5" and 6.5."

7. Tires

Your hoverboard tires are essential, so you should make sure you choose the correct tire size. There are a variety of hoverboard sizes in the market; some are large and some small. Some hoverboards have better grip and traction. The tire size affects both the stability of your ride and what kind of terrain you can ride on.

Small tires work great for sidewalks, but large tires are a perfect off-road hoverboard because they have more treads. However, if you are looking for an indoor hoverboard, buy hoverboards with wheels as they don't need a lot of traction inside.

8. Speed

 Hoverboards come with different speed limits, and most of the limits fall in between 5 to 8 miles per hour, whereas some high-end all-terrain versions get up to 10 miles per hour. For kids, the best hoverboards are the ones with lower speeds, and most kids' hoverboards stick in the range. Also, a bonus feature you can consider getting is a board with a learning mode, as this feature puts a brake on the board's speed limit before the rider masters how to balance.

9. Colors and Design

 Kids are mostly attracted to fun designs and colors because they look cool, so make sure you get a kid a hoverboard with bright, attractive design and colors, or you can also opt to settle for a plain white color that has more of a mature vibe if that's the way your kid is.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What age is appropriate for a hoverboard?

The official age for hoverboard riders is eight years and above, according to most companies. However, younger kids sometimes get to learn, but they should not be unsupervised.

2. What brand of the hoverboard is the best for a kid?

According to our review, the Tomoloo hoverboards are the best, but all the ones in our list above work great and are worth a buy, depending on what you are looking for.

3. What is the best hoverboard for beginners?

For beginners, it highly depends on what you are in search of. For example, if you are looking for the safest skateboards, go with the Swagtron Swagboard, either the Elite or the Pro T1 model. For the best and smart self-balancing scooter, go for the Razor 2.0.

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